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Phew, the text for my presentation for my Unquendor Inn next week is done, as is the accompanying powerpoint. I've started on the food shopping, I have a meal planned, and I just sent the route to my guests. I even decided on a title: 3D in Middle-earth, Middle-earth in 3D

It all seems so well prepared...
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Gratuitous icon post...
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Not that I've been quiet exceptionally long or anything *LOL* but my internet conked out Thursday morning and I only got back online yesterday afternoon (new modem and an hour on the phone with my provider's helpdesk since it turned out the installation instructions were fairly spectacularly wrong).
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I went to youtube for Nina Simone, ended up with Nick Cave singing Suzanne...

My favourite cover of Suzanne is probably one by a Dutch performer, Herman van Veen (also because the translation is very well done), but this might become my second favourite.
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Now if I had a writing day like today every day, I could almost do NaNoWriMo *g*
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Okay, it's probably a sign that I'm so relaxed that even my brain has gone on holiday, but finding yourself at the supermarket checkout and your wallet at home is still no fun.

Nor is rushing home to get my money and back to the supermarket to pick up my stuff, again.
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In preparation for my Unquendor Inn next month I'm rendering a bunch of sometimes old, Middle-earth inspired 3d models. This is from a set that was state of the art in 2005. To be fair, I didn't do much optimisation or trying to pose them flatteringly, and if I mess with textures and poses and put actual expressions on them, it'd look reasonable, but deary me...

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Another 3D render with that castle set:

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Some recent photos:

Walking to work... )

Botanical gardens... )
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My week off just got off to a great start, as a 3d set I'd been waiting for came out this morning. I didn't quite pay list price as I get a member discount and still had some credit on a gift card as well.
Not only are this artist's sets always excellent quality, a modular set offers so many opportunities to play with it (not to mention that, as [ profile] cairistiona7 can probably see, this plays so much into how I've been visualising things for the Heap O'Angst...)

Some quick renders )

Between this and the bobbleheads last week, I've definitely given myself my birthday present early LOL
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Yay, holiday!
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Thanks to Amazon's 'you bought this, maybe you're interested in this' algorithm I ended up buying these two on Amazon Germany (instead of what I was looking for) for about half what they'd have cost me on .us or (and that's before adding p&p).

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This is a recent render that started out as a test playing with light settings, but ended up as a full scene. It's still a bit grainy, since I stopped the render after about eight hours. Lady of Rivendell:

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For anyone who wants to know what this looks like when working on it, here's a screenshot:

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Yay... I've finished (except for a final readthrough and a closing sentence) the adapted article on Halbarad I was writing for the Dutch Tolkien Society - and with two days to spare before the deadline too!

Now I can go to work on the presentation for the Society 'inn' I'm hosting in May (topic: Middle-earth as represented in 3D modelling software - for a start it needs a catchier title;-) and some actual rendered images), and the article I promised for the following issue of the Society magazine.

But first: procrastination... (and possibly some fic writing - not that that ever stops; the other stuff is on top of, not instead of *g*)
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Ugh, owners' association annual meeting tonight - I hate compulsory adulting
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I'd wanted to write a drabble for the Battle of the Pelennor, but failed at finding inspiration. Maybe, if anyone can throw me a half a prompt or something, I might be able to distract the Muse from the Heap O'Angst for an hour or so *g*

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