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Now if I had a writing day like today every day, I could almost do NaNoWriMo *g*
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Yay... I've finished (except for a final readthrough and a closing sentence) the adapted article on Halbarad I was writing for the Dutch Tolkien Society - and with two days to spare before the deadline too!

Now I can go to work on the presentation for the Society 'inn' I'm hosting in May (topic: Middle-earth as represented in 3D modelling software - for a start it needs a catchier title;-) and some actual rendered images), and the article I promised for the following issue of the Society magazine.

But first: procrastination... (and possibly some fic writing - not that that ever stops; the other stuff is on top of, not instead of *g*)
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I'd wanted to write a drabble for the Battle of the Pelennor, but failed at finding inspiration. Maybe, if anyone can throw me a half a prompt or something, I might be able to distract the Muse from the Heap O'Angst for an hour or so *g*
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Well, the work on the heater is progressing apace; however, I am currently without water and gas. The latter I don't mind, but I'd kill for a cup of tea.

On the plus side, I'm getting some work done on an article for the Dutch Tolkien Society magazine (the regular section, not the academic journal bit), which is a translation/revision of something I wrote for a challenge on MPTT some years back. I can't quite get into fiction headspace with the noise and people walking in and out, but translating and marking for revision/checking in the Dutch translation of LotR is doable (plus the deadline is either April or June, so that helps to focus the mind as well).
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A quiet afternoon's writing and knitting

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I do know the codes for most diacritics, but between typos and the occasional brainfade, getting there can be an interesting journey...

And, no, I have no clue where the bold font change came from.
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Because faffing about online is fun... I just threw together a new Pinterest board, Castles and stuff. Most of these are the result of a recent bout of story research:-)

I guess my aesthetic is piles of (mossy) rocks *g*
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This weekend's bit of snow
Here be pics... )

Writing the lazy way
Here be pix... )

And finally, in another week or so, I'll have the sun again on this side of the house. It's nearly there at sunset:

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Where would I be without my lovely assistants...

Pixel didn't want to share attention with my knitting

while Lidy takes her duties as writing supervisor very seriously

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A very modest year, output-wise:

I finished Becoming (AO3 and MPTT), so yay (even if I'm still not entirely happy about it).

One new story (finished): Still Standing, chronologically the first in my fluffy Halbarad Lives-AU, (AO3 and MPTT).

Two chapters in An Excess of Weather (AO3 and MPTT).

Three new chapters in the Dark AU (Unto the ending of the world) to AO3 and MPTT, all of them in the first half of the year. I'm not stuck, but all my writing energy is being sucked up by:

the as-yet unpublished story which is currently known as the Heap O'Angst, and which at the moment stands at just over 30.000 words in seven chapters (waves at [ profile] cairistiona7 who not only flung the bunny that started this, but is also betaing it!)
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Becoming is finished, and up at MPTT and AO3. The chapters from 8 on have been revised and reposted since the last time I thought I was done.

(I'll have to make a few tiny changes in Dimrill Gate, the story that follows this one; not to mention updating this one on my own site).
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Today's typo... (of the week, possibly of the month)

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Tomorrow's the last day of my holiday (I just couldn't face starting with a five-day week *g*, and that was how my alternating schedule came up)...

I've already made my lunch sandwiches for the next few weeks, thrown two new packs of teabags in my backpack and am charging the e-reader (for on the bus).

One of the things I did during the holiday was to shift the furniture in the living room (and elsewhere) around a bit... clicks for pics )

Today's tomato harvest:click for pic )

The ladies were cheerfully minding their own business, when Lidy abruptly had other ideas Clicks for pics )

And the final set of photos clicks for pics )
The above pictures also make it clear why I refer to my phone camera as a potato...

Writing: I've left Becoming alone for a bit, and can see a way out/around the various corners I had backed myself into *g* How much writing time/energy there'll be once I'm back to work always remains to be seen, but there's always weekends.
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For anyone wondering where the last few chapters of Becoming went, I noticed a bunch of errors that'll require careful editing/rewriting, so: watch this space.
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Yesterday I wrote about five words, which with the 700 on Friday and the 1000 on Saturday is still well above average *g* I did do a lot of thinking about the next scenes, so not a 'lost' day at all.

Some photos, to let this post be more than me whingeing about (not) writing ;-) Clicky... )
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The final chapter of Becoming is progressing nicely, although it may end up split (again).

I started posting the story in 2012 as far as I can find, and my first draft of the first chapter goes back to 2008, so it's kinda weird to be getting to the end of it; hopefully by the end of the weekend - although, Muse, I did have other plans, but hey, can't complain...
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Today I went to the Limburgs Museum for the temporary Dragons exhibition. It's a nice little museum (been there before), even with an hour and a half by train to get there (so I wrote 723 words on the train - I wonder why I can always write well on trains, but it's nice even if I have no idea why *g*).

The exhibition was fun (everything from St. George to oriental dragons to Smaug - even if they misspelled him Smaugh), and well worth the visit, so yay:-)
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Gacked from [ profile] cairistiona7 over at tumblr

Give me three numbers...

Questions under the cut )
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I just love scrapping 500 words and starting over on a chapter.

I love knowing that the new version will work better even more.
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(or as it was known while I was writing it: the Fluffy-Wishfulfilment-verse fic)

Now up at AO3 and MPTT: Six vignettes from Halbarad's point of view - from the siege of Minas Tirith until the day after Aragorn's coronation.

The Fluffy-Wishfulfilment-verse continues in Dark is the Path and Chapter 4 (scroll down to Isengard, in the spring of the year) of my Back to Middle-earth Month 2012 stories.

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