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This is the short weekend in my working schedule, yesterday was the Unquendor Yule-feast, and it's already nearly Monday again. I'd whine about that were it not that next week's only three days and then I don't go back until Jan. 5th.
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Place: the office
Time: 16.57

Fire alarm.

I look at my colleague, she looks at me.

"Okay, that's it. Time to go home."

Note to self, halfway down the central stairs: "Remember. This sort of thing is why you always take the side stairs to evacuate..."

Bloody students seem to have a bloody deathwish - the middle of the fscking stairs during an evacuation is not the place to sit down and repack your bag, nor do you walk down the stairs typing on your bloody phone moving at half the speed of anyone else.

Kids, this was not, in fact, a drill...

When I got home I saw on an emergency info site that two fire engines were sent, but no further backup, so whatever it was it was pretty small. Even so.
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Three things from today:

- After three weeks of freedom, putting on shoes and a bra felt like putting on chains
- I suspect I'm not quite Madeleine l'Engle's target audience
- Why is it going to be 30° from tomorrow to Sunday?

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*staring at a piece of paper, wondering why you wrote 'Shiny' in the middle of a list of work-related stuff*

*realising you were writing down names and were interrupted in the middle of 'Shinya'*
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*shoves aside one half of the Mountains of Busy*

The Tuor piece for next eek's Dutch Tolkien Society presentation is done (mostly, except for timing it, cutting it down to size and final adjustments), and so is the bulk of the food for the meeting.

The other half of the Mountains is work stuff, and there's nothing I can do about that from here *g*

Time for some quality time with some unfinished chapters...

Anything I've missed: congratulations and commiserations where appropriate, and some pie for everybody who wants it:

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*briefly struggles out from under the Mountains of Busy*


*goes under again*
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Argh... this is a 'long' week at work, so no luxurious Friday off. Still, I'm getting non-work stuff done, like getting a new phone: landline - it's only been slowly breaking down over the last few years or so (random crashes and stuff), so I reckoned it was time. So, still not getting rid of the landline, though I probably could, but it wouldn't make a huge difference in my ISP bill, as it's VOIP, so pretty much included in the internet bill *shrug*
Also, upgrading the desktop to Win10 - clean install of the free download, so the pc's all nice and 'new' and fast:-)
I'm also slow-bingeing my way through S1 of Daredevil (two or three eps at a time rather than half a season). What I'm not getting done is writing... *sigh* - perhaps the weekend.
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Last Thursday on our office outing we went to the town of Franeker in the north of the country, to visit the local planetarium, followed by a very pleasant boat trip and a clinic in the province's national sport, kaatsen. The weather was absolutely perfect, so I took quite a few photos. Here are some highlights.

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Some perks of a day working at home...

my supervisors keeping an eye on my work )
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somehow, and promptly made use of it by doing the first Dark AU chapter repost at MPTT a day early *g* Ah well, I doubt anyone will complain.
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Finally finished the display stand for the coif yesterday:


(I got the stand from Jelling dragon, a Nordic/medieval webshop; it's originally a helmet stand, but I made a 'head' from leftover bits of wool, so that it would work for a coif as well)

Also, this XKCD needs to become standard practice at universities - it would make thesis defences so much more entertaining to attend.
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Three weeks:-)
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Yesterday at work, in the middle of a fairly straightforward bit of stuff (entering language versions of a text in a php-file, so the website will be multilingual) my inner linguist was suddenly struck by the beauty of Lithuanian.

Must. learn. ALL. the. languages.
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I'll start by apologizing for falling so far behind on responses - and I could go back two weeks and respond to every post I missed/intended to reply to, but that way lieth madnessLJ ate my brilliant/witty/commiserating/admiring/etc answers to all your posts!

Only seven working days until my summer holiday:-) Unfortunately this also means all kinds of deadlines that need to be met, so work is mildly crazy, but the madness will pass.

The allotment is producing courgettes in sort of abundance, beans are starting to appear (and be harvested), leeks and celery and the tomato are quietly growing. However, the aubergines and melons failed, and anything cabbage-y has either bolted or been destroyed by the pigeons - the bastard birds ate the leaves of most of them, except the broccoli: there they picked out the flowers, and left the rest alone *glare*
So this weekend I'm restarting the cabbage beds under nets to keep the pigeons off, and apparently if you plant cabbages in summer for autumn harvest they're more bolt-resistant. We'll see:-)

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Well, that was the weekend... Where did it go?

Thursday I did some sewing in preparation for the Tolkien society weekend, as well as other, related stuff (which includes finally starting to finish that chainmail doilycoif project I started some time ago). Friday went on housework, much of Saturday on weeding, and today we had the final meeting of the organising committee for the weekend.

I also managed to get some small amount of writing done; not much in words, but finally getting a difficult scene to work.

The week ahead: two days of training, Wednesday I have to do the minutes for two meetings and Thursday's the office outing (I'll probably finish the minutes for the second meeting on the coach on Thursday morning *g*)...
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gardening )

... and stuff

Friday went on house-cleaning and similar domestic activities, Saturday I had to work (a meeting that can only be held on Saturday - joy), today I spent on the allotment weeding.

On the plus side, Thursday's Ascension Day and an official holiday, and Friday is an obligatory day off. I'll probably divide the weekend between the allotment, doing domestic stuff, and doing stuff in preparation for the Tolkien society weekend next month (hello sewing machine!).

Some writing time would be nice, especially if the muse happens to drop in.
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Yesterday one of my colleagues defended his thesis - this is from the dinner party afterwards (also used as an entry for this week's [ profile] photo_scavenger prompt)


At last...

Jul. 18th, 2013 09:02 pm
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I made it...

Four weeks off.

*starts Muse hunt*
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...may have fanfic on the brain, #1 of ?
- Reading "AU-shaped model" in an article title, when it says "A U-shaped model"

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