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This weekend's bit of snow
Here be pics... )

Writing the lazy way
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And finally, in another week or so, I'll have the sun again on this side of the house. It's nearly there at sunset:

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And we have thundersnow - LOL

Otherwise: rain, sleet, snow; so a generally dark and soggy day (perfect for writing).

Forecast for the week is now uncertain as to whether we'll get a cold spell or not; we'll see...
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So we apparently had about five cm of snow overnight, most of which had melted by the time I woke up, and strong winds (not quite hitting storm force along the coast, though several of the river defences were on standby to be closed since it was also high tide/full moon). We're supposed to get another storm overnight, and snow/slush/hail - maybe even thundersnow tomorrow - over the weekend following by the temperatures plummeting to -10° C at night and below freezing during the day during the week. I'm looking forward to the cold spell, though I can do without the white stuff tbh.
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There's a bit of snow outside and there's a weather warning for icy roads, freezing rain and black ice. Just as well I had no plans to go outside at all today:-)
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It's foggy here, so in combination with the fireworks I'm stuck in this faintly reddish wall of nothing which makes loud boomy noises...
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I'm glad it looks as if the weather forecast from earlier this week (30 ° straight through to Sunday) isn't quite going to happen. It got up to 31 yesterday, but today isn't over 30, and tomorrow we might even get some thunderstorms (or it might be cloudy and muggy all day with nothing happening... *note to self: set out saucerbarrel of milkaquavit for Thor tomorrow afternoon).
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Three things from today:

- After three weeks of freedom, putting on shoes and a bra felt like putting on chains
- I suspect I'm not quite Madeleine l'Engle's target audience
- Why is it going to be 30° from tomorrow to Sunday?


Aug. 22nd, 2016 06:43 am
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I'd have liked this weather better last week.

Looks like the ventilator will have to come out again.


Jul. 20th, 2016 03:13 pm
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It's 32°C here right now

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In anticipation of tomorrow's heatwave (although parts of the country already broke 30° C today), I've dusted off my personal heat protocol: the cats are lying on the floor as close to the ventilator as they can stand (which in Pixel's case is almost in the thing), and I'm getting acquainted with some nice cold New Zealand rosé.

Seen today

Feb. 26th, 2016 08:22 pm
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It's February 26... Wtf?

I spotted these on my way home from work this afternoon.
Apologies for the photo quality, but my - otherwise quite satisfactory - phone has a potato for a camera.

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There's always that moment in August when you realise autumn isn't that far away. It's still summery and warm enough, but when I woke up this morning there was this slight haze among the trees that just seemed to shout "AUTUMN IS COMING"

Of course the photo (which was a quick snap from the living room) doesn't quite get the look and feel of the moment, but there it is...
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So far, it's not really been a good year for the allotment - half my beds didn't come up, and everything else has been slow; not surprising, given that it has mostly been too dry and too cold; not good growing weather). Even the courgettes are slow to get off the mark... The squashes are growing well at least (or the plants are - and making a bid for world domination while they're at it), as are the beans and the chard (although even those are slow). Ah well, can't have a good year every time.

In the meantime, I'm finally making chutney with last year's unripe tomatoes and some of the leftover courgettes from the freezer...
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Mini-heatwave coming up after tomorrow, so the allotment is getting watered every morning until Sunday...
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Huh, figures...

I went to water the allotment this afternoon, so now it's raining.
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It's still summer (though you wouldn't know it by the weather right now), but it's very noticeable that the year is edging towards autumn. With my windows on the north-west, the sun's been going away for two months for a start :-)

Various plants both on the balcony and in the allotment are done for the year or nearly so. There's still the occasional strawberry, but it's no longer a handful several times a week, some of the beans are finished (and since they're the varieties that are proving most sensitive to rust, exactly in time, too), the courgettes are still going strong, but are starting to suffer mildew on their leaves..

The tomato plants on the allotment provided part of this morning's breakfast: very nice, sweet-tart cherry tomatoes. Audrey and her sisters on the balcony need MOAR SUN! (though at least if nothing ripens there, there's enough for chutney).

Next weekend's cooking will definitely involve leeks:

leeks! )

Overview of the whole area (my plot is in the middle, somewhere behind the sunflowers):

overview )
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What this summer feels like (even if it's dry more often than not):


Afraid of a little thunderstorm? Us? )
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We're having a mini heatwave at the moment, so I started today's work on the allotment at 08:00 and quit at 10:30 when the temperature got to 29° C (repeat tomorrow to get all the necessary stuff done). I watered part of the shared plot, the allotment of a neighbour who's on holiday, and my own allotment, and sowed and put nets in on about half my currently vacant beds.

Also, I took home one courgette:Read more... )
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In other news, we had some thunder and hail last Thursday; the flowers on my balcony did suffer some damage, but in the plot nothing was above ground yet...

Hail, hail! )

plotting )
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Dear strawberry, please note: this is why you shouldn't be flowering in November...

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