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The second of today's prompts: Of the seas: sailor

This slightly toonish render still doesn't explain why the rum is gone, but Cirdan looks like he has a very good idea where it's gone...Read more... )
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For the prompt: O67 - landscapes: canyon

But the jewel burned the hand of Maedhros in pain unbearable; and he perceived that it was as Eönwë had said, and that his right thereto had become void, and that the oath was vain. And being in anguish and despair he cast himself into a gaping chasm filled with fire, and so ended; and the Silmaril that he bore was taken into the bosom of the Earth.
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For the prompts Of the sea I22 (seaweed) and N43 (Underwater Cave)

... Uinen, the Lady of the Seas, whose hair lies spread through all waters under sky.
The Silmarillion, Valaquenta
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This one's an illustration for a snippet from ch. 26 of the Dark AU (no spoilers *g*)
[Imrahil's thoughts] Yet in Belfalas and Dol Amroth there were still remains of ancient buildings, and coves that held what was left of harbours from which Elven ships had once sailed West – long abandoned and fallen into ruin – to bear witness of Elves having inhabited these lands once. It was even rumoured that on occasion Elves from Wilderland would still sail from such hidden coves, but he knew of no reliable sightings. And of course there was the legacy of one Elf who had loved a mortal in his own blood, though little more remained than an occasional touch of foresight and a beardless chin. He wondered what had become of Mithrellas after she abandoned husband and children. Had his foremother sailed West, or did she yet wander the wilds of Middle-earth?

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Barad Nimras for the prompt Landscape - O72 - Cape

But the realm of Nargothrond extended also west of Narog to the River Nenning, that reached the sea at Eglarest; and Finrod became the overlord of all the Elves of Beleriand between Sirion and the sea, save only in the Falas. There dwelt those of the Sindar who still loved ships, and Círdan the shipbuilder was their lord; but between Círdan and Finrod there was friendship and alliance, and with the aid of the Noldor the havens of Brithombar and Eglarest were built anew. Behind their great walls they became fair towns and harbours with quays and piers of stone. Upon the cape west of Eglarest Finrod raised the tower of Barad Nimras to watch the western sea
The Silmarillion, ch. 15, Of the Noldor in Beleriand
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In Ulmo's realm

For the prompts Of the sea - I18 - Coral & Landscape - I18 - Hill Read more... )
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I wrote these three drabbles for birthday requests at HASA this month. (Also posted at MPTT and AO3.) The artwork can be found at MPTT and [ profile] lotr_community.

Light )
Happy Birthday! )
Ice Queen )
Finally... )
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Vue doodle
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A little doodle in Vue which rendered overnight:

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Not entirely what I had in mind when I started Vue this morning, but it'll do;-)

And while Vue was running in the background, I caught up on some work, so now, after I finish the laundry, it's writing time.

Edit: and I just finished Ch. 12 in first draft, now on with 14 (no, not a typo, 13 is already done...)
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A doodle in Vue:

In other news, as of last week, my apartment block is on the nomination to be demolished in four to ten years time. This may or may not happen, and if it does happen, the housing corporation has to compensate tenants for moving costs and stuff, so not a complete disaster. Still, not very nice either. Their motivation: social engineering, as this is a so-called 'problem area', and demolishing perfectly good housing is somehow going to fix this (well, if you define 'fixing' as 'getting rid of cheap houses/apartments and building expensive ones in return, so that you force people to move elsewhere'.)

And even if it turns out that nothing happens, at the least it'll mean years of uncertainty. And yes, I've been in that position before, only this time I have a place that I quite like, and wouldn't mind living in for a long time.
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Left a Vue render running overnight. This morning it crashed at 100%, as it couldn't find the directory it was supposed to save to. I set the render to run again in a smaller version, and did other stuff in the meantime (no, not the laundry or the vacuuming *g*). Now I don't like the result :-\
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Haven't been all that busy today - did the groceries, played about a bit with Vue, worked on a chapter and a bit of story outline, and failed to do the vacuuming and several other domestic things...

Tomorrow I will put away the laundry and vacuum.
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Every public transport system has them, the stops that don't appear on any maps, the stations that only a few people know how to get to....

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Vue/Poser doodle: a girl and her horse

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playing with Vue )
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Early start today to get to Zandvoort for the final meeting of the year - weather is set to be sunny, but not all that warm.

I left the computer rendering overnight and this is the result: ... )

And now I'd better go feed Her Felinity, before she becomes any more insistent about wanting food.

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