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Phew, the text for my presentation for my Unquendor Inn next week is done, as is the accompanying powerpoint. I've started on the food shopping, I have a meal planned, and I just sent the route to my guests. I even decided on a title: 3D in Middle-earth, Middle-earth in 3D

It all seems so well prepared...
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In preparation for my Unquendor Inn next month I'm rendering a bunch of sometimes old, Middle-earth inspired 3d models. This is from a set that was state of the art in 2005. To be fair, I didn't do much optimisation or trying to pose them flatteringly, and if I mess with textures and poses and put actual expressions on them, it'd look reasonable, but deary me...

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Yay... I've finished (except for a final readthrough and a closing sentence) the adapted article on Halbarad I was writing for the Dutch Tolkien Society - and with two days to spare before the deadline too!

Now I can go to work on the presentation for the Society 'inn' I'm hosting in May (topic: Middle-earth as represented in 3D modelling software - for a start it needs a catchier title;-) and some actual rendered images), and the article I promised for the following issue of the Society magazine.

But first: procrastination... (and possibly some fic writing - not that that ever stops; the other stuff is on top of, not instead of *g*)
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Well, the work on the heater is progressing apace; however, I am currently without water and gas. The latter I don't mind, but I'd kill for a cup of tea.

On the plus side, I'm getting some work done on an article for the Dutch Tolkien Society magazine (the regular section, not the academic journal bit), which is a translation/revision of something I wrote for a challenge on MPTT some years back. I can't quite get into fiction headspace with the noise and people walking in and out, but translating and marking for revision/checking in the Dutch translation of LotR is doable (plus the deadline is either April or June, so that helps to focus the mind as well).
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Yesterday we had an Unquendor 'inn' on the other side of the country, so off I went by train. Fun was had (including reaffirming our allegiance to Stapper (Strider in Dutch), the resident cat), and eventually dinner time came around. We went to a pancake house. This was my dinner:

A pancake with very thin slices of apple, brandied raisins, syrup, and cinnamon ice-cream and whipped cream.

I still managed a dessert after that - ice-cream (walnut and stuff), though alas, no photos.
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And in a few minutes I'll be off for the Unquendor annual weekend. Fun will be had. There is wifi at the hotel, but I probably won't have time for more than brief peeks.

The ladies supervised the packing:
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One day done of the weekend, and fairly productively too in various ways, i.e. I managed everything on my list, even if some of them were on the technicality of switching them with something on tomorrow's list.

I'm hoping to finish a silk top that I'm sewing by hand this weekend; I'm trying to get some time in practicing drawing and 3d modelling (rather than just rendering); I've started translating my presentation on Tuor to English so that it can be published in the Unquendor magazine international/academic section; I want to finish watching Daredevil S2, and a bunch of other things great and small.

I've already moved the plants that had wintered inside, along with the garden chairs and one of the greenhouses outside earlier this week; tomato seeds are sown (inside). The forsythia is only just starting to show signs of life; last year it was already in full bloom weeks sooner.

Of course I hope to get writing done as well. It's on the list!
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The Tuor presentation was yesterday; content was fine, but delivery could have been smoother *g* (note to self: page numbers can help to keep text in order).

Lidy didn't show her face all afternoon, Pixel edged into the living room once, but bolted back out almost immediately. Crowds of seven: clearly not their thing. They'd already inspected the setup beforehand, so everything was fine anyway...

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*shoves aside one half of the Mountains of Busy*

The Tuor piece for next eek's Dutch Tolkien Society presentation is done (mostly, except for timing it, cutting it down to size and final adjustments), and so is the bulk of the food for the meeting.

The other half of the Mountains is work stuff, and there's nothing I can do about that from here *g*

Time for some quality time with some unfinished chapters...

Anything I've missed: congratulations and commiserations where appropriate, and some pie for everybody who wants it:

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Recently, I've become editor for the English-language, semi-academic-oriented section of the magazine of the Dutch Tolkien Society Unquendor, Lembas. Part of that is having to find articles...

So, if you have, or know someone who has, an article that you wouldn't mind seeing published...

What I'm looking for:
- ideally between 5000 - 16000 words in length
- on any Tolkienian topic; may be a character study, may be fanfic-related, may be general, may be philosophical or theological; a study of some aspect/theme across various stories, biographical, lit crit, something on the Inklings, ...
- doesn't have to be exclusive, but I'd like to know if it's been published/presented elsewhere
- footnotes and references welcome (but not so academic that the references are as long as the article *g*)
- acceptance of contributions isn't automatic, but we're not all that harsh either
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The Unquendor weekend was a lot of fun; it does seem I haven't stopped running since, though.

The ladies helped me pack:
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The courgette quiche disappeared fairly rapidly over dinner, so I assume it must have been good *g* Friday night I didn't get to sleep before 02:00 am or so (playing the Middle-earth version of Cards Against Humanity), so Saturday morning required plenty of coffee before I could focus on the lecture that was on the program. Our team did score highest in the quiz/treasure hunt (all that writing research is good for something...), in which the main hazard was hungry mosquitoes (on the plus side, we weren't in a marsh at the time), so the coffee did its job. Saturday afternoon was filled with further mostly creative activities (prompts which had to be interpreted as text, image, song, whatever), and a bit of larp fighting (one person per team - not me *g*) to score points, Saturday evening was another lecture, followed by everybody heading to the campfire. Sunday morning was the final lecture, followed by lunch and clean-up

When I got home, I was greeted with some enthusiasmskepticism:
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I'll be off this afternoon for the annual Dutch Tolkien Society weekend - we're at the same place we were a few years back, and while the weather isn't ideal (too cold and chance of rain), I'm sure we'll spend the evenings at the campfire, as well as interesting lectures, fun (including the Middle-earth version of Cards Against Humanity), and lots of food (I'm bringing a courgette quiche, made from almost the last of last year's courgettes still in the freezer).

The accommodation has wifi, but I probably won't have time to check in *g*
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Well, I got back from the Dutch Tolkien Society weekend yesterday around six – I'm still trying to find my brain.

Last night was unpacking and one load of laundry; today went on checking up on the allotment (a small courgette has emerged!), grocery shopping, two* more loads of laundry, making up for my absence to the ladies, and staring into space *g* Read more... )
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(Nearly) off for the Tolkien Society weekend... fun will be had; there is wifi there, but I probably won't have time to post.
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Well, that was the weekend... Where did it go?

Thursday I did some sewing in preparation for the Tolkien society weekend, as well as other, related stuff (which includes finally starting to finish that chainmail doilycoif project I started some time ago). Friday went on housework, much of Saturday on weeding, and today we had the final meeting of the organising committee for the weekend.

I also managed to get some small amount of writing done; not much in words, but finally getting a difficult scene to work.

The week ahead: two days of training, Wednesday I have to do the minutes for two meetings and Thursday's the office outing (I'll probably finish the minutes for the second meeting on the coach on Thursday morning *g*)...
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As I mentioned before, last weekend was the Dutch Tolkien Society annual 'final' weekend in Germany.Read more... )
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Next weekend is the Dutch Tolkien Society annual 'final' weekend - this year it's together with the German Tolkien Society; I'm looking forward to it:)

One of the items on the programme is a drawing workshop by Jenny Dolfen. It's bound to be way above my current level of drawing skill, but it should be full of awesome, so it's on my 'want-to-do' list.
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This weekend was the Dutch Tolkien Society Unquendor's annual 'final' weekend, so on Friday I set off by train for deepest, darkest DrentheRead more... )
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... waiting for the new intercom to be installed; I do hear noises coming from outside that suggest they're working on it somewhere in the building, but it'll depend on whether they're working floor by floor or vertically when my turn comes.

In other news, the Dutch Tolkien society (Unquendor) weekend was fun, interesting and exhausting. The lustrum party probably isn't the best time to get to know people if you don't know anyone there yet, though I do now at least know some faces and names. The trick will be to put them together correctly in future.

The lectures and such were definitely worthwhile, especially Tom Shippey stood out (no surprise there), as did Heidi Steimel and the presentation by the translator of the Frisian edition of The Hobbit, and the translator currently working on the Frisian LotR.

This very funny short film of the life of Turin was shown by the guests from the Slovenian Tolkien society.

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