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Brought to mind again by a post to the Terragen mailing list to advertise new pictures in the official gallery: I was excited, if a bit apprehensive given the warnings about the 'difficult' interface, when the Tech Preview for Terragen 2 finally came out late last year. So I downloaded, read the FM, found the interface logical, tried the program, failed to be inspired. And now I look at the gallery and think 'yay, shiny, but I can do all that in Vue (and Bryce and Carrara if I ever find the time to learn to use them properly)'

Somehow I doubt I'll be spending the $100 for the pre-release upgrade from my v0.9 license...

In other news, I really think I need one of those 'can't brain today - I have the dumb' icons, after I first forgot to put on my glasses when I left the swimming pool and then tried to move my bike without taking the locks off...
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So the Terragen 2 Tech Preview came out yesterday (and, as promised, in 2006). It'll be a while before I get any useful renders out of it though, I suspect.

In other news, I really should start getting organised for Christmas soon, or I'll end up having to deal with next Saturday's shopping frenzy. At least I know what dinner is going to be on the 25th, and I even have some of the ingredients already. Perhaps I should start making a to-do list.

/me puts making a Christmas to-do list on the to-do list.

Right, that's that then...

/me vaguely wanders off, resisting the temptation to play with T2TP
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How dumb do you have to be to ask for a cracked version of Terragen on the official Terragen mailing list?

Ah well, it'll be entertaining to read how the idiot is shredded in various ways (and no doubt banned).
And people were complaining that the list has been very quiet lately...
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Hmm, I wouldn't mind using that for Terragen:)
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Happy Solstice! )
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After another 15 hr 45 min. render, here's the new and hopefully improved (well, I'm happier with it anyway) version of yesterday's Terragen image: clickety click )


Jan. 1st, 2005 10:35 am
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From today on I'm supposed to drag my passport around with me every time I leave my front door. The government even half-admits the measure is meaningless as far as *real* security goes, with phrases about how it is supposed to heighten people's sense of security.

I've just filled in the form for a season ticket for Zandvoort.

I don't have any real New Year's resolutions, except perhaps learning Flash, so if anyone knows of a good online tutorial at n00b level?

Some fireworks )
Sunrise )
Terragen )
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Hmm, after chatting till after midnight, I decided that this was the ideal time to start playing with a new Terragen terrain. I did an initial render, but I'm going to be sensible now, and won't start tweaking the file until I've had roughly seven hours of sleep...
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Whimper I've just seen some more pictures made with next year's new Terragen version. I want.
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Early morning Terrageneering.

Read more... )
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The Terragen LotR-DEM project* has come alive again over the last week or so, so I'm happily beating pixels into shape for that.

*an attempt to make a heightfield map of Middle-earth for Terrageneers and other virtual landscape people
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Terragen finished its render; it's better than it was... I'd better continue the Quest for the Perfect Sky next weekend. The trick is going to be to get the clouds right without losing the rays. Or just randomise everything and see what comes out...


Jul. 20th, 2003 04:06 pm
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that was a surprisingly interesting Grand Prix, even without any rain; though I could have done without the irony of someone who apparently was carrying a placard with the text 'the Bible is always right' trying to bag himself a Darwin Award by running onto the track. Anyway, full style marks for the marshal who tripped him and dragged him off.

Meanwhile, Terragen renders on and on and on and on and...
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For some reason the render that took 17 hours last time, only took 3 this time around. The sky is still bad, though. Next attempt... but first COFFEE!

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