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Between not even having any of my fics snatched in the AO3 thing and the first review in months for the Dark AU at MPTT being spam, I don't know whether to laugh or to sulk...
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*gigglesnort* )
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Well, you have to give them points for creativity... )
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Not only was I offered several easy work-from-home jobs, various pills, and ways to enhance an organ I do not have, I also won two lotteries and was asked by a nice gentleman for my help in transferring his client's - a Mr. Khadaffi - money to a Swiss bank account, in return for which I would get 10% of the amount involved. Seems legit.
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Hmm... my spamtrap is getting Gollum's email:

From: precious
Subject: is it you? precious here

It`s precious again. Will you ever contact me?
I made those nude pictures especially for you and I wont write to you again!
If you wanna see them just drop me a line at: ----
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Have LOLcats taken to spam now? From the spamtrap:
I Selling Rolexes and other watches? DO uou want?
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From the spamtrap...

Subject: I tsurt
From: ashleigh underkofler

I didn't check to see what the message was about, but it sounds painful, and possibly embarrassing.
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So I missed 'Talk like a pirate' day...

Have a meme... )
...and some spam )
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How could I possibly refuse an offer that comes with such a splendid guarantee?
"all legal documents will be carefully worked out to ensure a risky free transfer"
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One that made it through the spamtrap. The new trend is definitely "Hello, I'm a Nigerian. Please give me your details so that I can stop you being ripped off by other Nigerians"... At least this one is very oldfashioned with the CAPSLOCK. Oh, and some wise words from the spammer: AVOID PEOPLE EYESBROW. I think we should all remember to do so. Clicky )
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I hate the way my main email address has suddenly become unreliable (or is my isp on a spamhaus blacklist somewhere?)...

Mail to AOL, and comcast addressess is almost guaranteed to be undelivered and bounce back after one or two days, and one bounce to a gmail address so far...
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They've improved the spamfilters at work a lot, but sometimes stuff still gets through. These headers were too good to ignore:
Are eurydice of banish
That tyrannosaurus at vault
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Now I'm getting MegaHal spam too...
The scary thing is that it almost makes sense, but then it's Friday afternoon, so I might not be the best judge of that... )

And for anyone who doesn't know what MegaHal is, ...
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Yoda is spamming me again...
In thy foot shall come they shall not thou; hast greatly exalted
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From the spamtrap:
greeter of strangers to Paradise, and we are not your usual goaty Re: hepati No one to enter or leave. I have a score to settle with these Whasha? I blurted incoherently. Blinking down at the cuffs. onto the desk. He lifted the end slowly and the coins jangled forth. before he makes a mistake that he will long remember. It all gets vague about that time. Perhaps too much while I was on an assignment like this. Go, Jim, go I My pleasure, I said. My friend here knows nothing about the There was hesitation, dark looks, muttering. I swished the sword It was sent from the future and through a malfunction got out of [...]

How intriguing: 'I swished the sword It was sent from the future and through a malfunction got out of [...]'
There's a whole novel in there... (or possibly a 5000-page fantasy trilogy)
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possibly not worksafe for some - verbal only, mild )
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Strange header from the spam trap:

Hrvatski Bahasa Indonesia
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From the spamtrap: he GNU Operating system. I'm not sure whether they are selling warez or penis enhancements...
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From the spamtrap:

With our Generik Viagra you can crack nuts with your penis

Leaving aside the small detail of not being in possession of said organ, I'm now left wondering whether one is supposed to use it as a hammer, or to fold it double to squeeze the nuts. I'm definitely staying away from the question of whether one is supposed to crack one's own nuts...

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