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Not that I've been quiet exceptionally long or anything *LOL* but my internet conked out Thursday morning and I only got back online yesterday afternoon (new modem and an hour on the phone with my provider's helpdesk since it turned out the installation instructions were fairly spectacularly wrong).
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Okay, it's probably a sign that I'm so relaxed that even my brain has gone on holiday, but finding yourself at the supermarket checkout and your wallet at home is still no fun.

Nor is rushing home to get my money and back to the supermarket to pick up my stuff, again.
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Yay, holiday!
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Ugh, owners' association annual meeting tonight - I hate compulsory adulting
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Harking back to last year's rant, eventually the decision was to replace all heating boilers in the complex in one fell swoop - they start Monday, and it's my turn right away. Yay.

So I've emptied out the space where the boiler lives, and scattered a bunch of stuff across several rooms. Still to do between now and Monday morning: better arrange stuff that is currently scattered across several rooms, demolish shelves in boiler space, clean boiler space, apologise to cats for mess (to be repeated as needed).
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"Mad Jack" Churchill . They need to make a movie about his life... No one'd believe it though.
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The icon is a screenshot from Google maps of this area I posted about once before.

Last Sunday I visited a friend to help her paint the walls of her new house, and the bus passed by there...

Proof... )
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There's a bit of snow outside and there's a weather warning for icy roads, freezing rain and black ice. Just as well I had no plans to go outside at all today:-)
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Did the one thing on my to-do list that I absolutely had to do this holiday: replace the leaking tap in the kitchen. Yay me.
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It's foggy here, so in combination with the fireworks I'm stuck in this faintly reddish wall of nothing which makes loud boomy noises...
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Oh, and 2016: stop it.

The Alexandrov Ensemble (all members except the orchestra) were in the Russian plane that crashed in the Black Sea.

I saw them perform in Utrecht in 2005, and the music just stirs the heart, even if my Russian is pretty much limited to 'da', 'nyet' and 'spasebo'
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This is the short weekend in my working schedule, yesterday was the Unquendor Yule-feast, and it's already nearly Monday again. I'd whine about that were it not that next week's only three days and then I don't go back until Jan. 5th.
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Soda bread with dates

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Today was the Finnish Christmas market in Rotterdam. Mustard, ryebread, chocolate, fish paste (great on ryebread), Minttu.

Also, a 'Merry Christmas' banner that the cats immediately tried to steal, since they have a thing for red felt:

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This week on one of our irregularly scheduled lunch walks, a colleague (who likes Tolkien, but is not fannish if that makes sense) mentioned that her husband is rereading the Silmarillion for the fifth or sixth time, and wondered what the title meant exactly, so I said 'Of the Silmarils'. She said "That's Elvish, right?"
Me: "Yep."

Things that didn't happen in this conversation:
- I didn't burst out laughing at 'rereading the Silmarillion for the sixth time'.
- She didn't ask how many times I'd read it.
- She didn't ask how much Elvish I actually know.

These are quite probably good things to not have happened. She knows I'm involved with the Dutch Tolkien Society, but not that I write fic *g*. Therefore a veneer of normality is maintained.
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I cannot say it more eloquently than I did on Facebook, so...

Dafuq, America? Dafuq?
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Dear Instagram,

Please stop telling me to 'get the app'. I have a Windows phone.

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This looks like a lot of fun: how to deal with aerial invasion (both the festival and the drone hunt...).

I fear my archery skills wouldn't be quite up to scratch - though I wouldn't mind giving it a try with either spear or bow *g*
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Place: the office
Time: 16.57

Fire alarm.

I look at my colleague, she looks at me.

"Okay, that's it. Time to go home."

Note to self, halfway down the central stairs: "Remember. This sort of thing is why you always take the side stairs to evacuate..."

Bloody students seem to have a bloody deathwish - the middle of the fscking stairs during an evacuation is not the place to sit down and repack your bag, nor do you walk down the stairs typing on your bloody phone moving at half the speed of anyone else.

Kids, this was not, in fact, a drill...

When I got home I saw on an emergency info site that two fire engines were sent, but no further backup, so whatever it was it was pretty small. Even so.
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Three things from today:

- After three weeks of freedom, putting on shoes and a bra felt like putting on chains
- I suspect I'm not quite Madeleine l'Engle's target audience
- Why is it going to be 30° from tomorrow to Sunday?

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