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Because faffing about online is fun... I just threw together a new Pinterest board, Castles and stuff. Most of these are the result of a recent bout of story research:-)

I guess my aesthetic is piles of (mossy) rocks *g*
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Doodling a random render to test a new purchase

Ending up with this )

about three hours later...
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I know I have cheerful songs in my playlist, but the random function is clearly in a mood...

Tom Dooley - Kingston Trio
Lady D'Arbanville - Cat Stevens
Bonny Streets of Fyve-io - Chad Mitchell Trio
One Last Cold Kiss - Christy Moore

a reprieve
In The Mood - Glenn Miller

But then straight on to
Henry Joy - The Grehan Sisters
Lili Marleen - Marlene Dietrich (German version)
Henry Lee - Nick Cave

Look, machine, I just want to listen to something cheerful without having to select it myself. Is that so hard to understand?
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This looks like a lot of fun: how to deal with aerial invasion (both the festival and the drone hunt...).

I fear my archery skills wouldn't be quite up to scratch - though I wouldn't mind giving it a try with either spear or bow *g*
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I'll go with Stabbing people for points, Aggressive arguments and Ultimate ampersand

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This year the Tour de France will start in Utrecht, which is fine if you like that sort of thing. For me, it'll mostly mean several days of roadblocks, tv helis overhead etc.

This, however, would liven it up immensely:

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Even Bucky had to admit that life became more interesting after Tony Stark discovered guerrilla knitting...

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Beautiful forest paths (pdf)


Argh. First I kept getting new ideas and changing this post on the fly, now the original link disappeared, so the link now goes to a pdf of the original post I linked to. Change all the things?
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For anyone who thinks they're too productive at work or otherwise... I've made a variant of the 2048-game with Dúnedain Chieftains: try to get to Aragorn... Enjoy!
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For everybody on my flist who likes men with long hair...
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When I tidied my desk this morning, I found this note. After staring at it blankly for a while, trying to remember which fic it was for, it dawned on me that it was from working at home last Monday, and thus concerned the lay-out of a text rather than a plot point...

click for pic )
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Nothing like a crispy cold morning to walk to work in...

(I'm in the -7.3 in the middle of the country)


There's snow forecast for tonight, so tomorrow I probably won't walk, but it was niiice
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Just an observation, but if they ever do a film-inspired remake of the old Hobbit game on the ZX-Spectrum (yes, I'm dating myself terribly here...), they'll have to change that one line* to "Thorin stands up and starts singing about gold."

*In the game (a text adventure, in case you don't know), one of the random sentences that popped up at intervals was "Thorin sits down and starts singing about gold", and yes, that included in the Goblin tunnels or the middle of Mirkwood.

And now I want to go home and play the emulated version of that...
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Argh, between trying to put my thoughts after seeing The Hobbit into something resembling a coherent whole, stuff to reply to, writing and RL, I'm running in circles...


I suddenly feel a bit dizzy...

and no, that's not from the 3D Hobbit...
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Two essay-bunnies that I may or may not write at some point:
- A comparison of Bilbo Baggins and Arthur Dent
- Comparing the roles Beorn and Tom Bombadil play in The Hobbit and LotR
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I'd been doing some work on the balcony this afternoon, and just now I looked outside )


Apr. 26th, 2012 08:22 am
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To indulge your inner twelve-year-old: 'Dull' twinned with 'Boring'. The comments are a LOL and a half...


Mar. 23rd, 2012 08:27 am
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Mar. 20th, 2012 12:39 pm
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If I admit that until recent mentions in the 'real news', I had never consciously heard of Christian Louboutin or his 'trademark red soled' shoes, does that mean I have to hand in my woman diploma or something?
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(from, if not quite the 'best', certainly the funniest Robin Hood ever...)

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