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This is just awesome: 92-year-old WW2 veteran flies Spitfire again - BBC News:
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So, umm, interesting find and all, but the burning question has to be: did he kill the princes and if so, why not?

I have no particular opinion on this point one way or the other, to be fair; but it still is an interesting find...
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or does this look a lot like the Eye of Sauron?
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Apr. 30th, 2009 02:14 pm
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Well... Queen's Day isn't usually this 'interesting'... Accident or impromptu attempt to make us a republic?

Of course, we've also had the first confirmed case of swineMexican* flu, so the press are a bit torn what to give the most attention. So far the 'accident' is winning.

*As someone even more cynical than me pointed out, what's with the name switch? Muslims and Jews aren't supposed to eat Mexicans either...
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Reminder that a good pilot is one with as many take-offs as landings to his name: the embed doesn't work, so I'm linking instead, but bloody hell, that is what I call flying...
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Here's a Darwin nomination...
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I think I'm enjoying this too much:) and yes, I DO need a dictionary for some of it, and my cases etc are a bit rusty. Still, my inner language geek is having fun.

However, should I start trying to translate this into Quenya, feel free to whack me...

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There is currently a Dutch ship in a Turkish port. The idea is to have the Turks demolish it. Problem is the ship contains about 50 to 60 times more asbestos than originally declared. Understandably, the Turks are not happy about that and would quite like us to take back the ship.


The ship is called the Otapan

Also fine.

I think maybe I'm reading too much Star Wars fanfic at the moment, because I keep reading that as Utapau.
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Some thoughts on liquids potentially doing boom here. As I'm not chemistry-skilled myself, I have no idea in how far this guy is correct.
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Recently, in newspaper forums here, people have started to use Finn as a code word for Moroccan; I find this oddly amusing.
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Okay... while it's good that the police here finally found the body of a woman who went missing a year ago, I'd have been a lot happier about it if she hadn't been found on the route I cycle to work every day...
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Hmmm... And to think that we complain in the Netherlands about how privatisation of the utilities has failed to live up to promises...

edit:I should of course have said '"liberalisation" after privatisation'. I don't think it changes the main point, though.
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Some morons bomb your public transport system? Have some tea...

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