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I went to youtube for Nina Simone, ended up with Nick Cave singing Suzanne...

My favourite cover of Suzanne is probably one by a Dutch performer, Herman van Veen (also because the translation is very well done), but this might become my second favourite.
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A car song thread on Facebook led me to this familiar oldie on youtube

And a bunch of clicks later I'm here:

Which is where youtube seems to lead for me lately, no matter where I start LOL
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Oh, and 2016: stop it.

The Alexandrov Ensemble (all members except the orchestra) were in the Russian plane that crashed in the Black Sea.

I saw them perform in Utrecht in 2005, and the music just stirs the heart, even if my Russian is pretty much limited to 'da', 'nyet' and 'spasebo'
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I know I have cheerful songs in my playlist, but the random function is clearly in a mood...

Tom Dooley - Kingston Trio
Lady D'Arbanville - Cat Stevens
Bonny Streets of Fyve-io - Chad Mitchell Trio
One Last Cold Kiss - Christy Moore

a reprieve
In The Mood - Glenn Miller

But then straight on to
Henry Joy - The Grehan Sisters
Lili Marleen - Marlene Dietrich (German version)
Henry Lee - Nick Cave

Look, machine, I just want to listen to something cheerful without having to select it myself. Is that so hard to understand?
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Working at home, lunchbreak. Found this: The Ballad of Captain America's Disapproving Face.
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just got back from the Nick Cave concert in The Hague - I feel very smart for taking tomorrowtoday off work :-)

The concert was great. I may post the playlist later, but the second song was The Weeping Song, third Red Right Hand, and later on there was a slowish, piano accompaniment only rendition of Mercy Seat. Anyway, the whole thing was pretty much right in the feels, even if the acoustics for the louder songs could have been better.

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Blind Guardian were great last night - even if I had to leave a bit early to catch the last regular train. They did a mix of old and newer songs, and as I expected the songs from the new CD are better live than in the CD version (it's all very perfect and symphonic and majestic and all, but after several months listening to it, I still don't really like it, but ymmv on that).
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Finally! a) They're playing somewhere I can get to, and b) I don't find out about it the day after the concert...

*Next April:-)

*hugs virtual ticket*
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Next May in The Hague.

*gives ticket confirmation a virtual hug*
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The digging work on the allotment is done, I have the beginning of a plan, Pixel has claimed a new place to sleep, and longcat is long:

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In other news, the Matthäus last night was very good, although 2,5 hours in an uncomfortable folding chair wasn't so nice *g*
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Okay, so I'm failing to find a song/playlist to write to at the moment; on the plus side, I hope the neighbours like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin;-)


Sep. 13th, 2013 08:14 pm
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Gacked from [ profile] cairistiona7

Go to your iPhone, iPod, iWhatsit or whatever it is the cool kids use to store their music. Then pull up the list of songs and set it to shuffle. List the first 10 or 20 or so.

I used an old-fashioned Mediaplayer list – skipping every song by an artist already in the list. Surprisingly, no Rammstein, no Blind Guardian, no Sibelius, no Anne Briggs, etc. ...
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Mar. 23rd, 2012 08:27 am
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I wish I could listen to Immigrant Song without seeing kittens...
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I just saw on their Facebook page that Blind Guardian were in Tilburg last night, at a venue I could easily have gone to, IF I HAD ONLY KNOWN ABOUT IT.
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I just got the new Blind Guardian album - At the Edge of Time

It'll take a while to really get to know the songs (there are ten, and not a one under four minutes), but at first listen: wow! It's orchestral, pompous, loud, magnificent... in short, what metal should be, and certainly their best album since Nightfall in Middle-earth.
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I started looking for the Thin Lizzy version of Whiskey in the Jar. Things got out of hand.
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Okay, I just spent three iterations of this looking at the patterns on the sweaters. I think when I have finished my current project, I'll have to have something complicatedinteresting to knit...

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In memoriam Ronnie Drew

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