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Not that I'm displeased with the progress I did make over the first week of the holiday... I've not written as much as I wanted/expected. An important part of that is probably the lack of pressure of any kind *g* And it doesn't help either that I'm working on four large-ish WiPs: the Dark AU, Becoming, An Excess of Weather, and the Heap O'Angst.

Excess I'm currently rewriting a false start to the new chapter; this should be the last false start for that chapter after it took a lot of thinking time and abortive writing attempts to get everything that needs to happen in the right order and in the right place.

The Dark AU I've been poking at the next new chapter for a long time, and there's been quite a few false starts. One problem there is how to proceed in the various plot strands, and I suspect that once I reach the end of the reposting/revision and can start posting new chapters to AO3 and MPTT again, the 'block' will clear up enough to have things fall into place, and achieve meaningful progress. Not fast, that's another thing altogether, but at least progress...

The Heap is likely also eating into the other three, both because it takes a lot of my writing time this yearat the moment and because it takes a lot of my writing energy (well worth it, I think, but writing high octane angst is a lot of work). No help for that, except keep going *g* (and yes, I AM enjoying it - *ignores characters muttering 'yes, we can tell'*)

Becoming is probably the fluffiest (for my values of fluff) of the lot. It's also nearing the end - the chapter I'm working on now could be the last one minus a short epilogue vignette; it could also end up split in two if the action runs away with me, but as it's a continuous story-line it'll be written as one even if I decide to split it.

So, once Becoming is done, Excess is probably the closest to being finished, and - since that is set to have a happy-ish ending - also the closest to fluff at that point.

*stops procrastinating and goes back to writing*
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I think I may have over-trained my spellchecker... I typed Celebrian (missing the accent on the i), and it offered me Celebrían's and Celebrant as options...
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So a bit back I took the jump and started a tumblr - mostly Avengers*-related for now; I'll see what I end up doing with it. I still don't know how it all works, but hey *shrug*

*Okay, mostly waxing sentimental about Bucky and Steve, for those wanting to nitpick...
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Between not even having any of my fics snatched in the AO3 thing and the first review in months for the Dark AU at MPTT being spam, I don't know whether to laugh or to sulk...
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I've been looking at Wordpress designs, and now I'm left with the urge to do something, ANYthing to my site and LJ, which suddenly look hopeless, while at the same time not liking anything I've seen enough to go for that theme or something close to it.

Also, I know that, as aesthetically pleasing the designs I've seen are, I'd be bored with them fairly quickly.

The feeling will wear off again, but ARGH.
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I'll start by apologizing for falling so far behind on responses - and I could go back two weeks and respond to every post I missed/intended to reply to, but that way lieth madnessLJ ate my brilliant/witty/commiserating/admiring/etc answers to all your posts!

Only seven working days until my summer holiday:-) Unfortunately this also means all kinds of deadlines that need to be met, so work is mildly crazy, but the madness will pass.

The allotment is producing courgettes in sort of abundance, beans are starting to appear (and be harvested), leeks and celery and the tomato are quietly growing. However, the aubergines and melons failed, and anything cabbage-y has either bolted or been destroyed by the pigeons - the bastard birds ate the leaves of most of them, except the broccoli: there they picked out the flowers, and left the rest alone *glare*
So this weekend I'm restarting the cabbage beds under nets to keep the pigeons off, and apparently if you plant cabbages in summer for autumn harvest they're more bolt-resistant. We'll see:-)

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nath: (Hobbit_Dwarves) gacked from [ profile] celandineb

If you could invite any 3 fictional characters to your Thanksgiving dinner, which ones would you choose?

I don't have a Thanksgiving dinner, and I ended up with three tables (which is probably cheating), seated as follows:

- Halbarad, Finrod, Glorfindel
- Marc Remillard (Julian May's Pliocene series), Corwin of Amber (Roger Zelazny's Amber series), Fëanor
- Galadriel, Jameth (P.C. Hodgell's Kencyrath series), Arya Stark (GRR Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire)

If I have to trim it down to one table: Halbarad, Jameth, Corwin

(and yes, it's a Hobbit icon, but it's the only dinner party in the icon set)
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Hobbit to Hero arrived today, along with the most recent issue of Parma Eldalamberon. I can't start HtH yet, though; I'm still reading Wagner and Tolkien: Mythmakers, and while I don't mind reading two (or more) books at once, I prefer it if they're different genres.


Aug. 14th, 2012 01:01 pm
nath: (writing III)'s not all badly-written pron...

An unfortunately fairly badly researched article on fanfic in the Guardian; the comments are interesting, though.
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8235 words written
76 finished prompts
42 finished stories
31 days
21 prompts in progress
21 unclaimed prompts
9 renders
5 prompts in one story
2 existing stories to be revised
1 extra prompt written
0 bingo
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The short version: gibbering quietly in a corner...

The slightly longer version: falling further behind by the day, and this week is conference week at work. If I survive Thursday, I'll be fine *g*

*goes back to gibbering in the corner*

*... and to writing, of course...
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Sort of two weeks in: I've had to drop more prompts, but have written some longer pieces. Drabbles are fun, but they can also feel like a cop-out. It doesn't help of course that work is so busy at the moment that I'm utterly knackered when I get home (and end up bringing work with me for the weekend).

One result so far is that I can no longer avoid revising an existing story (or write a new one for that scene).

This weekend: today I'm being made to go outside and be cultural and social and such... Tomorrow I'll try to catch up a bit: yesterday's prompts, today's and tomorrow's O_o

It's still fun though, and that's what counts :-)
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Slightly over a week into B2MEM and I think I’m doing reasonably well. I’ve missed two prompts (three if I don’t come up with something for the last one from yesterday today) and have one WiP for an older prompt.

It’d be nice to write longer pieces for some of the prompts rather than drabbles, but for several cards I set out with drabbles in mind, so that’s okay. Picking 3D as the medium for the Landscape and Of the sea cards has been a good move so far; the only drawback is that a render can take a long time. Also, I want more Cause of death prompts! Must.Write.Limericks.

One thing that has fallen by the wayside a bit (apart from sleep *heh*) is commenting on what everybody else is doing. I’m definitely enjoying what I read though, even if I fail to get around to saying so.

[whine]The bad news is that my bluray of Game of Thrones S1 arrived yesterday, and I’m not at all certain I’ll have time to watch it before S2 starts.[/whine]
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Happy 6th birthday to my LJ!
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I was using my lunchbreak to look for suitable background images for an 'In Soviet Russia, LJ reads you' icon, when I found this:

Not what I was looking for, but still *g*
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Okay, fine, the LJ maintenance has apparently been done. I'm still suffering the slow-loading pages (and NOT-loading pages) I've been troubled by over at least the past week. I can post (I hope), I can read other people's pages on their own LJ, I just can't access my own journal.

Edit: and the problem seems to have resolved itself...
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Five years ago today I published my first fic on ffnet.

I'm still about 200 words shy of breaking the word count record with my current WiP (using the ffnet count; if I use the HASA count, it's closer to 1000 words short). I may or may not break the record today.


Jun. 8th, 2005 09:24 am
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