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In preparation for my Unquendor Inn next month I'm rendering a bunch of sometimes old, Middle-earth inspired 3d models. This is from a set that was state of the art in 2005. To be fair, I didn't do much optimisation or trying to pose them flatteringly, and if I mess with textures and poses and put actual expressions on them, it'd look reasonable, but deary me...

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"Mad Jack" Churchill . They need to make a movie about his life... No one'd believe it though.
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This 3D-model outfit amused me to the point that I bought it... Not that I'm necessarily interested in the not-quite-pinup style of render (though this outfit is very restrained for the 3D world *g* For a start, the neckline doesn't go to her bellybutton, and the shorts cover 95% of her bum), although they can be fun to do as well, especially if you bend the genre a bit.
But clothing for 3D characters can be refitted, so I have in mind to refit this to a male character (both parody and maybe retexture details as the basis for a serious suit).

I was also highly amused by the whole pushing the copyright boundary vibe the outfit has.

Edit: I did a quick kitbash* and the concept looks workable...
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*combining items from different sets
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And yes, this round goes to the ladies....

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OMG, I need this:

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