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*blows dust off LJ again*

Between work, writing the chapter that refuses to stop, and everything else (including entering a Halloween challenge which I still have one week to write) I've been sadly neglecting this place ...

I did find the same yarn for that leaf pattern shawl (though in a slightly different palette than the original - more green/blue, fewer browns), so that project is underway.

click for pics )

And yes, final assembly will involve ironing 49 knitted leaves (or 48 if I don't have enough material for the final leaf).
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*blows dust off LJ*

*offers a slice of freshly baked walnut-cranberry bread to everybody*

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I've been looking at Wordpress designs, and now I'm left with the urge to do something, ANYthing to my site and LJ, which suddenly look hopeless, while at the same time not liking anything I've seen enough to go for that theme or something close to it.

Also, I know that, as aesthetically pleasing the designs I've seen are, I'd be bored with them fairly quickly.

The feeling will wear off again, but ARGH.
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Happy eighththth LJ-versary to me!


Mar. 25th, 2011 05:49 pm
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As the F1 season is starting this weekend, I thought I'd check whether my TV is working. So I found a temporary table for it, connected the digital aerial and pressed various buttons. The aerial was receiving, but only the non-commercial channels, which means that the subscription isn't active.
Turns out that if the aerial is switched off for too long, it deactivates, and it had been inactive for well over a month. It does eventually reactivate when you switch it on again, and it's working now, but LOL...

In other news, I'll try to catch up with stuff here on LJ, but I can't promise I'll be able to catch up with reading the B2MEM stories everybody's been writing (I won't even attempt to catch up with commenting on all of them).
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Happy 6th birthday to my LJ!
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Today's my fifth LJ-versary. I would have attempted a drabble to celebrate this, but my drabbling muse is apparently off on holiday (unlike the inspiration for the AU, I'm glad to say), so instead here's my current desktop (yes, it actually is this empty...)

(and the reason for the background is that it saves me having to open a file if I need to check a map while writing)
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I was using my lunchbreak to look for suitable background images for an 'In Soviet Russia, LJ reads you' icon, when I found this:

Not what I was looking for, but still *g*
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Okay, fine, the LJ maintenance has apparently been done. I'm still suffering the slow-loading pages (and NOT-loading pages) I've been troubled by over at least the past week. I can post (I hope), I can read other people's pages on their own LJ, I just can't access my own journal.

Edit: and the problem seems to have resolved itself...
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Time to redecorate the LJ again...
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Allow me a heartfelt YUCK at the LJ menubarthingy thme for today

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I just found a potentially interesting and useful LJ-community: [ profile] cranky_editors; unfortunately, I also found one of my pet spelling peeves on their info page: "publically" ...
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I finished tagging the lj yesterday and played about six hours of Diablo.

Not perhaps a usefully productive day, but productive nonetheless:)

This of course means that I now have to do the housework this morning...
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I wanted to post some silly meme, but I can't find one... Ah well, such is life in LJ-land.
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Well, I obviously didn't miss much by giving up on Gladiator after slightly less than an hour... (keyboard/coffee warning)
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Spring colour scheme
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Yay, my copy of the collected Vinyar Tengwar, 11-20 just arrived; now all I need is time...

I'm thinking about changing my username on LJ, but can't think of anything:-\

And when I got home last night, there was a small hole in a wall, from which protruded about 2 meters of calbe, so that's done. Her Felinity was waiting for me in the hall, and I *had* to follow her to the hole and the calbe; that was definitely a 'do you see what they've done *now*' look I got from her when she had guided me towards the right location. Cats!


Jun. 8th, 2005 09:24 am
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For those who have bought a permanent account:
Transfer your unused time to someone's paid account...
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Lemming, am I. Permanent Account bought, have I.

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