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Yesterday at work, in the middle of a fairly straightforward bit of stuff (entering language versions of a text in a php-file, so the website will be multilingual) my inner linguist was suddenly struck by the beauty of Lithuanian.

Must. learn. ALL. the. languages.
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You know you've trained your spellchecker well when it suggests "Arnor" for "Anor", and "Balin" for "Balar"...
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A colleague was given a very pretty, but also mysterious box by a Japanese guest at the Institute, which puzzles us greatly. We've reached the conclusion that it's food, not soap (given the presence of small spoons), but beyond that, we're stumped.

Since it's most likely rude to thank him by saying "thank you for the present, but what is it?", no matter how much bowing, honorifics and smiling one includes, I'm turning to my flist and random passersby.

Photos under the cut (warning, they're large!)

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Apr. 26th, 2012 08:22 am
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To indulge your inner twelve-year-old: 'Dull' twinned with 'Boring'. The comments are a LOL and a half...
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For everyone who uses the Hiswelókë Sindarin dictionary, there's work going on on a Firefox plugin. Go here for a working beta version.
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Dear fellow countrymen,


Thank you very many!
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... waiting for the new intercom to be installed; I do hear noises coming from outside that suggest they're working on it somewhere in the building, but it'll depend on whether they're working floor by floor or vertically when my turn comes.

In other news, the Dutch Tolkien society (Unquendor) weekend was fun, interesting and exhausting. The lustrum party probably isn't the best time to get to know people if you don't know anyone there yet, though I do now at least know some faces and names. The trick will be to put them together correctly in future.

The lectures and such were definitely worthwhile, especially Tom Shippey stood out (no surprise there), as did Heidi Steimel and the presentation by the translator of the Frisian edition of The Hobbit, and the translator currently working on the Frisian LotR.

This very funny short film of the life of Turin was shown by the guests from the Slovenian Tolkien society.
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Now, either the usage is on the rise, or I'm just noticing it more, but what's with "in order to" when plain "to" would do perfectly well in my eyes? I can understand using it to boost word count, (and reserve the right to do so if necessary;-) ), but unless there is some subtle difference in meaning that I'm missing, it seems redundant...
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Dear Word spoolchuck,

Please get lost...

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see more english fails

I hope the word they were aiming for wasn't 'lunch'...

see more english fails
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Memeage, gacked from [ profile] celandineb

Your result for The Which Ancient Language Are You Test...

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Note to self: do not even start thinking of all possible puns for Kubica taking pole position.
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I think I want one...
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Argh. I just discovered that the copy of LotR I got recently to replace my original paperback as a reading copy is one of the editions that has froward 'corrected' to forward.

*is annoyed*

*glares at HarperCollins*
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I just found a potentially interesting and useful LJ-community: [ profile] cranky_editors; unfortunately, I also found one of my pet spelling peeves on their info page: "publically" ...
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I couldn't agree more with the person who wrote the below on Have your say on the BBC website:
Vials are a threat to public safety & national security.
How can the police keep an eye out for wanted villains when such can work about in public concealed by a vial? Remember John Simpson went into Afghanistan dressed in a burqas vial. Wearing of vials should be banned except in the privacy of the user’s home.
Wearing vials is socially repugnant, isolative, erodes good public manners & the British way of live that the wearer by being in this country should respect & support or leave.

He is of course absolutely right. The wearing of vials is totally jarring and must be stoppered NOW!

small edit for additional pun
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I think I'm enjoying this too much:) and yes, I DO need a dictionary for some of it, and my cases etc are a bit rusty. Still, my inner language geek is having fun.

However, should I start trying to translate this into Quenya, feel free to whack me...

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I subscribed to the Latin EU newsletter...

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