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even if from a slightly different context...


*goes back to writing*
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I thought these were quite funny...
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I spent today at the Wikimedia Netherlands conference (which technically was work-related); the various talks were quite interesting (most of them education-oriented in some way), especially the plenary talk by Jimmy Wales (much of which was on mobile internet in Africa, as well as a lot of stuff on Wikipedia). I had a bit of an internal giggle during the talk on Wikidata, where they showed the page for 'Earth' with all the data, and I couldn't help thinking that they should just have gone for 'mostly harmless'.


Oct. 24th, 2012 07:01 pm
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For those of my flist who are in academia:

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In case anyone wonders about the 3D stuff, someone posted this rather accurate chart elsewhere:

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This is an early study for the artwork I entered for the January Art Challenge at [ profile] lotr_community(see my previous post), just to show that, while Poser dynamic clothing may be easy to use, there are still some pitfalls...
his-'n-hers... )
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Well, you have to give them points for creativity... )
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Snapshots of a summer spent in Dol Amroth. Gimli is ambivalent about it all.

Written for Anglachel's birthday, 2009.
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XKCD, get out of my head!

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I think I want one...
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XKCD for teh win...

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Things one finds when wasting time on youtube as a result of a [ profile] telperion1 and [ profile] celandineb-induced Tom Lehrer search
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Yesterday's picture of the day:


Jul. 15th, 2007 11:16 am
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I've always considered it a shame that this quite wonderful example of snarky!Aragorn from the final drafts of LotR didn't make it into the book:
(from HoME 8, The War of the Ring pg. 300) 'You looked in the Stone!' said Gimli, amazed, awestruck, and rather alarmed. 'What did you tell - him?'
'What did I tell him?' said Aragorn sternly, and his eyes glinted. 'That I had a rascal of a rebel dwarf here that I would exchange for a couple of good orcs, thank you! I thought I had the strength, and the strength I had. I said naught to him and wrenched the Stone from him to my own purpose.
Compare with
'You have looked in that accursed stone of wizardry!' exclaimed Gimli with fear and astonishment in his face. 'Did you say aught to - him? Even Gandalf feared that encounter.'
'You forget to whom you speak,' said Aragorn sternly, and his eyes glinted. 'Did I not openly proclaim my title before the doors of Edoras? What do you fear that I should say to him? Nay, Gimli,' he said in a softer voice, and the grimness left his face, and he looked like one who has laboured in sleepless pain for many nights. 'Nay, my friends, I and the lawful master of the Stone, and I had both the right and the strength to use it, or so I judged. The right cannot be doubted. The strength was enough - barely.'
That sentence really wouldn't have gone amiss between 'What do you fear that I should say to him?' and 'Nay, Gimli'...

Edit: Turns out the change was made between the first and second editions. The original published passage read: 'What do you fear that I should say: that I had a rascal of a rebel dwarf here that I would gladly exchange for a serviceable orc?' (courtesy of Hammond and Scull's The Lord of the Rings Companion, pg. 529)
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The food may be wonderful, but would you trust the wine list?
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Ah, Wikipedia... "This article is about portable open fires."

For some reason, I find this an extremely amusing sentence.

My brain. It is of teh weird...
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Also, as a result of [ profile] dragnflye's recent meme, I've stacked all my Heinlein books on a table in the living room to contemplate which ones are worth keeping. So far it looks like I'll be gaining about half a meter of shelf space...
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Okay, I've just seen a short fragment of 300 (which isn't in the cinema until the 21st here). I think I'll be saving myself the money and the time, unless of course I want to see a comedy, even if it will look infinitely better on the big screen. The timing of the sfx blood splatters and the slow motion fighting, in combination with the 'dialogue'; can I just say 'oh dear, oh dear, oh dear'...
If the whole thing goes on like that, it would almost guarantee that I'd get a near-fatal attack of the giggles within the first hour.

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