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Yay, holiday!
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Did the one thing on my to-do list that I absolutely had to do this holiday: replace the leaking tap in the kitchen. Yay me.
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This is the short weekend in my working schedule, yesterday was the Unquendor Yule-feast, and it's already nearly Monday again. I'd whine about that were it not that next week's only three days and then I don't go back until Jan. 5th.
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Tomorrow's the last day of my holiday (I just couldn't face starting with a five-day week *g*, and that was how my alternating schedule came up)...

I've already made my lunch sandwiches for the next few weeks, thrown two new packs of teabags in my backpack and am charging the e-reader (for on the bus).

One of the things I did during the holiday was to shift the furniture in the living room (and elsewhere) around a bit... clicks for pics )

Today's tomato harvest:click for pic )

The ladies were cheerfully minding their own business, when Lidy abruptly had other ideas Clicks for pics )

And the final set of photos clicks for pics )
The above pictures also make it clear why I refer to my phone camera as a potato...

Writing: I've left Becoming alone for a bit, and can see a way out/around the various corners I had backed myself into *g* How much writing time/energy there'll be once I'm back to work always remains to be seen, but there's always weekends.


Jul. 28th, 2016 03:35 pm
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Three weeks off...

Plans: pottering about, annoy the cats, watching series/movies, reading, playing with 3d, computer games, balconying, writing, maybe a museum here or there, knitting, etc...
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Last week we had our owners' association meeting, and we'll have to make an extra unforeseen expense reservation. Which is annoying since it means I can't travel to Cologne this summer for the Kitten Cam Convention (which was in Amsterdam last year), not even for a shorter visit (unless I win the lottery).

Everyone in the building will have to replace their heating boilers at an as yet unknown time. Apartments in the Netherlands commonly have so-called 'improved efficiency'-type heaters (VR in Dutch), which were taken out of production last year and may also no longer be installed because of EU environmental regulations on boiler emissions.

The nasty bit is that you cannot have a mix of VR and so-called 'high efficiency' boilers (HR) connected to one chimney, and when a VR boiler breaks down, it has to be replaced by an HR boiler by law. So when my or one of my downstairs neighbours' boilers breaks down, people in four apartments will have to buy a new boiler (and the chimney itself will have to be modified as well, but that is paid for out of the owners' association's account). This could happen tomorrow or in five years from now, but it means that I must have the money for a new HR boiler put away.

This is all a gigantic pain in the ass, and I hate, hate, hate it, but there it is.
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Christmas holiday.

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The cat boat shelter
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Misc stuffFood
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During the kittencam meet-up, I might have accidentally wandered into one or two bookshops...

I might also have bought a new coffee mug...

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Sort of at the midway point of the last week of holiday, the first part of the kittencam meet-up in Amsterdam... Some piccies from the Kattenkabinet (small museum of cat stuff), a sightseeing trip through the canals and the Amsterdam Cat Cafe:

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Lots of lazy, lots of tumblr, lots (well, relatively speaking) of writing...

So far I've watched a season and a half of Agents of SHIELD, finished a knitting project (and -OHNOES!!!!1!!!- my yarn stash; EEK!), did some work on a chainmail project that had been lying around for a while...

It's supposed to end up as a belt, and it's taking extra long because it's not the standard 4-in-1 weave, but 6-in-1 (aka 'royal weave') which creates a tighter mesh, but also uses more material (so is heavier) and is slower to make.

Also: entertaining the cats, reading, eyeing the fabric stash, playing around with 3D on the computer, some attempts at drawing, working on the allotment, ...
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One more week at work after this week and then I have three weeks off; it's odd to have my break so late in the summer (quite a few colleagues are already returning next week), but I was having to plan around the first European meet-up of kittencam followers in Amsterdam in the first week of September, so...

Anyway, looking forward to the time off:-)

*immerses self in writing again*
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Yesterday I went to the Gallo-Roman Museum in Tongeren (Belgium). The museum was very nice, but the rest of the town was a case of "I went to Belgium and it was closed" *g* Still, the museum certainly was worth four hours on the train and almost two on a bus (not to mention that I finished the first rough draft of the next chapter of An Excess of Weather on the train).

Some photos from the town:
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Yesterday I went to two exhibitions in Amsterdam:
Expedition Silk Road and The Crimea - Gold and secrets of the Black Sea. Both were interesting, though the Silk Road one was a bit disjointed as a result of the time/geography covered.

Today I cleaned the fridge. Let it not be said that I don't know how to entertain myself.
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It's still summer (though you wouldn't know it by the weather right now), but it's very noticeable that the year is edging towards autumn. With my windows on the north-west, the sun's been going away for two months for a start :-)

Various plants both on the balcony and in the allotment are done for the year or nearly so. There's still the occasional strawberry, but it's no longer a handful several times a week, some of the beans are finished (and since they're the varieties that are proving most sensitive to rust, exactly in time, too), the courgettes are still going strong, but are starting to suffer mildew on their leaves..

The tomato plants on the allotment provided part of this morning's breakfast: very nice, sweet-tart cherry tomatoes. Audrey and her sisters on the balcony need MOAR SUN! (though at least if nothing ripens there, there's enough for chutney).

Next weekend's cooking will definitely involve leeks:

leeks! )

Overview of the whole area (my plot is in the middle, somewhere behind the sunflowers):

overview )
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Finally finished the display stand for the coif yesterday:


(I got the stand from Jelling dragon, a Nordic/medieval webshop; it's originally a helmet stand, but I made a 'head' from leftover bits of wool, so that it would work for a coif as well)

Also, this XKCD needs to become standard practice at universities - it would make thesis defences so much more entertaining to attend.
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What this summer feels like (even if it's dry more often than not):


Afraid of a little thunderstorm? Us? )
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Three weeks:-)
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Christmas holiday at last - but, looking at my to-do list, there's little rest for the wicked... And yes, I did put 'write' on the list; it may help.

In other news, Pixel has clearly read LJ, and has suddenly turned into a lap cat, so perhaps I shouldn't be too optimistic about anything on my list that involves not sitting down.

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