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So far, I've spent the holiday doing a lot of reading, getting started on watching all seven seasons of BtVS, failing to get started on watching the Potter movies, balconying, playing with various bits of 3D software, knitting, entertaining the cats, the occasional day out, writing, and working my way through all kinds of piles that had kind of piled up (the clothing repair/make stack for a start). Not terribly exciting, but very relaxing *g*
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The view in the office yesterday:Read more... )

I've finally put up the last two large pictures that were still standing around:Read more... )

I'm currently experiencing a courgette-hiatus, but this is one week's harvest:Read more... )

The tomato plants are starting to show tiny green marbles, so there will eventually be tomatoes (unless it keeps raining the way it did this week).

The bathroom renovation will start a week later, and thus it will also be another week until the kitten moves in. On the plus side, in what would have been the first week of the renovation I will have a friend's cat in the house, rather than having to go over every day to feed her.

I've finished reading Game of Thrones and am about a quarter of the way in A Clash of Kings.

Wednesday night I went to see Deathly Hallows pt.2; it was enjoyable, but imho (and this is not something I'm usually quick to say) they overdid it slightly on the special effects. A bit more story and characterisation wouldn't have gone amiss *g* As this was my first 3D movie I was also anxious to find out whether 3D would give me a headache. I'm relieved to say it doesn't, and on the whole it looks great, although there were a few instances where the perspective looked rather 'off' to me.
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Went to see HP7-1 last night - it was quite entertaining, even if there wasn't nearly enough of LusciousLucius Malfoy to ogle *g*

Yes, I know; it's a weird obsession. I don't care.
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Just got back from HBP - not bad *g*

But, er, could they perhaps have got in some more shots where Dumbledore looked like Gandalf? In combination with the whole Dark Lord putting his power soul in (among other things) a ring, it's a bit much ;-)
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I have a book - and I was one of the lucky ones who got it for free as well :-):-):-) (or rather, I got a book token with it)
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So, Potterdämmerung is nearly upon us...

Funny thing is that, while, yes, I am going to a 1 a.m. bookstore opening to pick up my copy, on the other hand I don't really care all that much, and I'm going to the opening thing as much for fun as to have the book as soon as possible. Chances are I won't even have time to finish it (or even read more than a few chapters) this weekend, since I have lots of other stuff to do (writing, normal domestic weekend stuff, etc.)

And there's some more Spoilers of Doom under the cut... )
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Right, that was OotP. The audience applauded a number of times:)

I briefly strayed into the city centre between picking up my reserved tickets and the start of the movie. I somehow ended up buying a book. Odd, that...

Incidentally, I think my 'still to be read' pile is getting out of control.
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I pre-ordered my copy of HP7 this morning. I'm picking it up at the midnight1 a.m. opening at my local bookstore.

I must be out of my brain...
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Let the speculation begin...
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Ticket for Goblet of Fire first night booked:-)

At last...

Jul. 22nd, 2005 12:30 pm
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HBP arrived today; that'll give me something to read over the weekend...
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Hmmm. Still no HBP. My colleague announced there was a package from Amazon for me just now. Unfortunately it was just my diary for next year, which shipped Monday last week, which would indicate no HP for me until next eek...

In the meantime I'm using it as a great motivator for housework and stuff - "better do it now, won't have time for it when The Book gets here" - so it's not all bad. In fact, I think I should get some work on done...
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Amazon now admits to having shipped HBP - it could be here tomorrow or it could be another week... Just as well I'm already completely spoilered. At least I finished The Big Over Easy last night; it's amusing as usual, though the end was a bit chaotic imho.
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Grumble. Amazon still lists my copy of HBP as 'dispatching soon'.

Ah well, gives me time to finish the latest Jasper Fforde first. I hate it when I'm reading more than three books at a time...
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Today's useless factoid: Harry Potter in Quenya would be Corintur Cemnaro.


Jun. 26th, 2003 08:55 pm
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As soon as I saw the TT EE DVD was up for pre-order, I ordered... not the Collector's Edition, though; I doubt the Gollum statuette is half as cool as the Argonath; and I still have several months to change my mind, after all.

The 2004 Tolkien calendar is Nasmith yet *again* - still, as long as he doesn't try to do people, he's okay; and it could be worse, it could be the brothers Hildebrand...

Still resisting the lure of Hogwarts, too.
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Well, not quite; but I did win 10 Euro in the national lottery last night... And yes, I *do* know lotteries are a tax on people who don't understand statistics and probability. I think I'll blow my winnings on wine for me and tuna for the cat.

I gave in and read the first chapter of HP5 last night. I'll keep the rest of the book for the weekend though. Funny, everybody keeps asking me who dies. I've had that conversation with at least three of my colleagues since yesterday; and one who warned me he didn't want to know.

Maybe I should try reading just one book at a time? While I finished Fast Food Nation last night, I'm also reading BoLTII and an Angel episode guide; and now HP has been added to the list.


Jun. 24th, 2003 12:55 pm
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HP5 just arrived (including the copy I ordered for a friend)...

Of course I'm not reading it right now. I'm already fully spoilered anyway. I think I'll keep it for the weekend.

Ah, well, back to the grindstone.
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Almost half a page of writing done today and over the weekend; I'm pleased about that...

I'm almost disappointed that there isn't a pigeon egg on my balcony yet; how can you fight a battle if the enemy refuses to turn up?

And HP5 shipped yesterday. I could have it tomorrow with a bit of luck.

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