Feb. 5th, 2017 01:59 pm
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Pixel helping me put together a stole I knitted:
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Lidy inspecting the bread I baked this morning:
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(all except the one of Pixel wrapped in the stole taken today)
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Further PSA: defrosting blocks of fish soup will eventually start to smell like fish. This is the point that cats start taking notice.
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Soda bread with dates

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Today was the Finnish Christmas market in Rotterdam. Mustard, ryebread, chocolate, fish paste (great on ryebread), Minttu.

Also, a 'Merry Christmas' banner that the cats immediately tried to steal, since they have a thing for red felt:

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*blows dust off LJ*

*offers a slice of freshly baked walnut-cranberry bread to everybody*

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Yesterday we had an Unquendor 'inn' on the other side of the country, so off I went by train. Fun was had (including reaffirming our allegiance to Stapper (Strider in Dutch), the resident cat), and eventually dinner time came around. We went to a pancake house. This was my dinner:

A pancake with very thin slices of apple, brandied raisins, syrup, and cinnamon ice-cream and whipped cream.

I still managed a dessert after that - ice-cream (walnut and stuff), though alas, no photos.
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Making chutney:

Boiling the jars:

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Today's haul from the allotment: squash, tomatoes, peppers, two types of beans, collard greens, and chard

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I think I finished the courgette level of the allotment game... The last bags of last year's courgettes and the first two of this year I harvested this morning have all been turned into four courgette quiches.

Of course, the next level is probably squashes... and the first ones are on the plants, though still small.

Game. On.
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The making of boterkoek:

250 g flour
200 g butter
175 light-brown caster sugar
1 egg
24 cm diameter low baking tin (preferably a dedicated one)
oven preheated at 170 Celsius - 35-40 minutes in the middle of the oven

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Well, Audrey and her friends on the balcony will be harvested this week; the tomatoes are still green, but the weather's been so atrocious that they're starting to rot on the plant - at least, unlike the communal plot on the allotment it isn't phytophtera, but they're still done for.

Chutney it is, then (which is still a lot better than nothing:-) )
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A pepper from the plot next to mine:


"Take a few, but be careful, they're hot," we were told...

Edit/add: I had one in today's dinner (leeks, pasta, cheese), and survived. They're hot, but not too bad. I wouldn't put in two, though *g*
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Yesterday one of my colleagues defended his thesis - this is from the dinner party afterwards (also used as an entry for this week's [ profile] photo_scavenger prompt)

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...even if barely.

(And I apologise to Halbarad for having him wear the Santa hat again. This really is the last time this year.)
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Jan. 21st, 2012 01:38 pm
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All I'm saying: boterkoek with ginger...

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