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Non-spoilery review of Rogue One: I enjoyed it.
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While I wouldn't mind the LotR extra extended material promised for this set, I have zero interest in the Hobbit* material on the not entirely unexpected ultimate boxset *g*

And that's without even considering the rumoured price tag, as I'm sure I'll have other things to do with the equivalent of $800 that month, or any other month. Also, for that price I'd expect the boxset to come with a tv viewing chair, infinite snacks and drinks, a Ring of Power and some well-behaved Orcs trained to do housework. Oh, and the keys to Barad-dûr.

*I couldn't even bring myself to get the (extended) DVD for the final Hobbit movie, I was that disappointed after the cinema version.
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One of those things that make you go 'huh!'. I watched Mockingjay pt.2 yesterday (sort of 'meh', not bad, but not great either; perhaps it'll pack more oomph together with pt.1, but somehow all the big emotion scenes didn't quite work - could be that I knew what was coming, having read the books first), and at one point thought this particular tunnel with bright orange tiles looked kind of familiar.


And yes, Captain America: Civil War uses the same location...

(Messedamm Underpass, in Berlin)


Feb. 26th, 2016 07:26 pm
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With two months to go to CA:CW, I've just drawn up a schedule to rewatch much of the MCU before then, in 'story chronological order'; I'm being sort of sensible and not including the various TV series in the list... It's a quite doable schedule, one or two movies each weekend.

Or I could just binge the whole bunch over Easter.

So, this weekend is Captain America: the First Avenger and Iron Man.

I may still end up just bingeing everything at some point...
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Deadpool was hilarious
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short, non-spoilery review of SW:TFA (which for some reason I keep reading as Star Wars: the First Avenger...)

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*heh* My cinema sent me an email to announce the tickets for the new Star Wars film going on sale. So I now have tickets for the first night, and I'm going along with a friend who's already threatened to kill me if the film contains anything as awful as JarJar Binks.

The Martian

Oct. 2nd, 2015 11:42 pm
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Ended up going to the evening showing today, since I could only get an appointment for Pixel's vaccinations in the afternoon.

The film was a great lot of fun, very entertaining, suitably nerdy *g* Of course there were deviations and abbreviations from the book.

Non-spoilery observations: Sean Bean survives the movie (!), and chances are the soundtrack will leave you with an earworm or two. The whole cinema laughed out loud a number of times. The language has been toned down a bit from the book *g*

There were a few nerdy jokes as well, which were sort of spoilery if you don't like jokes revealedhere be small spoilers... )

All in all, I agree with the Rotten Tomato review: 92% fresh. Well worth it.
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Theoretically, The Martian premieres here on Thursday, but my regular cinema is closed for the Dutch Film Festival until Friday, so it'll have to be a Friday afternoon showing instead *g* (unless I go to another city, as the other option also only shows it on Friday, but I think I can stand the wait)


Jul. 23rd, 2015 10:33 pm
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Short & spoilerfree: That was fun:-)

Slightly longer, still spoilerfree: that was a lot of fun, nice and light-hearted, not quite as clever as say Lego the Movie, but still more than sufficient heart and mind to be well worth it:-)

One thing I particularly liked were all the references to other MCU events.

And slightly off-topic: I got to see the Star Wars trailer, yay! Han, Chewie!

I'll do some more spoilerish comments tomorrow or so.
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Off to see Ant-Man in about an hour or so:-)
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Age of Ultron is still as much fun the second time around:-) I wonder how the third will be...?

(Trailer for Ant-man looked good too)


Apr. 22nd, 2015 09:50 pm
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non-spoilery response: that was a lot of fun :-)

One running gag at Cap's expense, a bunch of feels, and one very Joss Whedon moment where I had a Buffy flashback

Also, the cinema was like Nerdfest 2015 *g*
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Going to see Avengers: Age of Ultron next Wednesday:-)
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I’ve seen BotFA twice now – the first time with about 80 other people, most of them members of the Dutch Tolkien Society, the second time with just one friend. Overall, the film gets a “pass”/”much better than pt. II”/6.5-out-of-10 mark from me, which of course doesn’t mean I don’t have niggles/criticisms/dislikes and such. I suspect most of these have already been mentioned by others anyway, so I won’t attempt to make a full list. Therefore, not so much a full, or even coherent, review as a random (and fairly incomplete) list of comments. cut for unfocused ramble )
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Perfect day: snow outside, inside the LotR extended editions, some knitting and cuddling cats

I'm in the early parts of the Two Towers right now, and nearly spit coffee over my knitting when Legolas said where they're taking the hobbits *g*
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This Saturday I went to the cinema… Desolation of Smaug. It was nice enough, as a generic fantasy action movie – and it vaguely reminded me of this book I’ve read a few times, something with a hobbit, and Dwarves, and a dragon…

As I was well-spoilered going in, I was able to shut up my inner purist and enjoy the movie as a movie. It was fast-paced but balanced, and on the whole good fun. I certainly didn’t hate it, or want my three hours back or any other similarly dramatic declarations of displeasure. And I certainly don’t dislike AU fanfic on principle. However…

Here be spoilers )


Dec. 3rd, 2013 03:31 pm
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The LotR-marathon I was planning on going to this Saturday has been cancelled due to lack of interest. My alternatives are the night premiere of Desolation of Smaug next Tuesday night or my money back. The big question now is whether I can get away with turning up at work next Wednesday in sleep-deprived mode...
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LotR Marathon in a local cinema December 7 - I think I know what I'll be doing that day, even if it probably isn't the EEs *g*

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