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Phew, the text for my presentation for my Unquendor Inn next week is done, as is the accompanying powerpoint. I've started on the food shopping, I have a meal planned, and I just sent the route to my guests. I even decided on a title: 3D in Middle-earth, Middle-earth in 3D

It all seems so well prepared...
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In preparation for my Unquendor Inn next month I'm rendering a bunch of sometimes old, Middle-earth inspired 3d models. This is from a set that was state of the art in 2005. To be fair, I didn't do much optimisation or trying to pose them flatteringly, and if I mess with textures and poses and put actual expressions on them, it'd look reasonable, but deary me...

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Thanks to Amazon's 'you bought this, maybe you're interested in this' algorithm I ended up buying these two on Amazon Germany (instead of what I was looking for) for about half what they'd have cost me on .us or (and that's before adding p&p).

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The icon is a screenshot from Google maps of this area I posted about once before.

Last Sunday I visited a friend to help her paint the walls of her new house, and the bus passed by there...

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Also, I've just started S6 on my BtVS rewatch. Yay me.
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This week on one of our irregularly scheduled lunch walks, a colleague (who likes Tolkien, but is not fannish if that makes sense) mentioned that her husband is rereading the Silmarillion for the fifth or sixth time, and wondered what the title meant exactly, so I said 'Of the Silmarils'. She said "That's Elvish, right?"
Me: "Yep."

Things that didn't happen in this conversation:
- I didn't burst out laughing at 'rereading the Silmarillion for the sixth time'.
- She didn't ask how many times I'd read it.
- She didn't ask how much Elvish I actually know.

These are quite probably good things to not have happened. She knows I'm involved with the Dutch Tolkien Society, but not that I write fic *g*. Therefore a veneer of normality is maintained.
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Working at home, lunchbreak. Found this: The Ballad of Captain America's Disapproving Face.
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Feeling all nostalgic over Den of Geek's look back at Robin of Sherwood. Not just the regular Robin Hoodesque stuff, but the mystical episodes as well (or especially). And Clannad's music.

Yeah, it can look a bit dated (*whispers: Michael Praed's mullet*), but I'm tempted to pull it to the front of the films/series queue right now...

If you have the opportunity to (re)watch this, legal or otherwise, go for it.

And of course the Whitish Knight episode of Maid Marian and her Merry Men*, the perfect send-up. Speaking of parodic derivations: Terry Pratchett's Herne the Hunted, the god of small furry animals that are destined to end their lives as a small damp squeak.)

*and that series is a recommendation in its own right...
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One of those things that make you go 'huh!'. I watched Mockingjay pt.2 yesterday (sort of 'meh', not bad, but not great either; perhaps it'll pack more oomph together with pt.1, but somehow all the big emotion scenes didn't quite work - could be that I knew what was coming, having read the books first), and at one point thought this particular tunnel with bright orange tiles looked kind of familiar.


And yes, Captain America: Civil War uses the same location...

(Messedamm Underpass, in Berlin)

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Grumble, whine, growl...

Between Marvel's stupid-ass decision to retcon Steve Rogers into a deep-cover Hydra agent in the comics, the equally stupid 'give Captain America a boyfriend' twitter fan campaign, and DAZ trying again to push its Connect download option in combination with DRM'ed/encryped content, there's precious little fun in much of my fandom/hobby activities at the moment.

At least there's Middle-earth (and for things that aggravate me there, it's pretty easy to ignore Jackson's Hobbit).

I'd say 'back to writing', but not until tonight *sigh*

*goes off to work*
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"Steve, who is that? He seems awfully friendly with Fyrdra..."

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As if I don't have more than enough angst coming up this week with Civil War, Amazon delivered my copy of the final Hunger Games movie today... I may postpone watching it until the weekend or something *g*
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I do apparently have some restraint. The local cinema is doing two showings of Civil War the 28th midnight: the one I have a ticket for and a five movie marathon (Captain America 1,2,3 & Avengers 1,2). Tempting as switching over to the latter is, especially as I didn't see First Avenger and Winter Soldier in the cinema, it's 14 hours in the cinema, and on the smaller of their screens.

If it had been just the Captain America movies, I'd have changed my booking. Now I'll do my own four movie marathon this weekend in preparation, and feel kinda vaguely virtuous about it *g*

And of course, if I dither long enough (say another hour from now), the marathon will be sold out, and I can relax about it...
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April 28, 00:00 - CA:CW, the seat in the cinema that I've been booking for midnight premieres since Fellowship...

Shit just got real.

I'm not ready for this.


Mar. 24th, 2016 04:16 am
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Pick any three (I'm not primarily a shipper, so I may not have answers for all of them) (snarfed from [ profile] heartofoshun)

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In other news, the bobbles have arrived: Team Cap, and Bucky's Kitten...

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Unfortunately, there's no easy way to embed it here, but I set up a countdown clock to the expected Dutch premiere date for Captain America: Civil War.


Feb. 26th, 2016 07:26 pm
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With two months to go to CA:CW, I've just drawn up a schedule to rewatch much of the MCU before then, in 'story chronological order'; I'm being sort of sensible and not including the various TV series in the list... It's a quite doable schedule, one or two movies each weekend.

Or I could just binge the whole bunch over Easter.

So, this weekend is Captain America: the First Avenger and Iron Man.

I may still end up just bingeing everything at some point...
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Deadpool was hilarious

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