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Today I went to the Limburgs Museum for the temporary Dragons exhibition. It's a nice little museum (been there before), even with an hour and a half by train to get there (so I wrote 723 words on the train - I wonder why I can always write well on trains, but it's nice even if I have no idea why *g*).

The exhibition was fun (everything from St. George to oriental dragons to Smaug - even if they misspelled him Smaugh), and well worth the visit, so yay:-)
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Photos from yesterday's walk. A different part of the country than our usual walking haunts this time, as some of the walking group regulars moved to the area north of Amsterdam last year, and we hadn't been to visit yet. This may look quite archetypically Dutch.

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This Sunday the walking group actually managed to get together (well, about half of us) and make it to a foresty area; or sort of... it was only a short walk (less than 10 k) and mostly through park areas and the edge of town (Arnhem) than actual forest. Even so, it was a nice stroll and there is photographic evidence...

Photos )

Seen today

Feb. 26th, 2016 08:22 pm
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It's February 26... Wtf?

I spotted these on my way home from work this afternoon.
Apologies for the photo quality, but my - otherwise quite satisfactory - phone has a potato for a camera.

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Yesterday I went to the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden (two hours by train), mostly for the exhibition on local medieval gold finds, but also for the knitting exhibition that's on at the same time. I didn't take photos of the gold (mostly because my phone has a potato for a camera), but it's at about the same level of gorgeous as Anglo-Saxon work from the same period. The friend I was with did take photos of the knitting exhibition, and I took photos of some of the artsy stuff on the top floor of the museum.

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I had to buy this mug in the museum shop:

Also, bonus kitties!
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From today's walk: Dat ass... )

More pictures from today. The weather was lovely; the morning fog had just burned off when we got underway, and it stayed sort of hazy after, but it was warm enough that I took off my jacket, and walked in just a t-shirt (and trousers, shoes and socks. Obviously. Duh.):

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Theoretically, The Martian premieres here on Thursday, but my regular cinema is closed for the Dutch Film Festival until Friday, so it'll have to be a Friday afternoon showing instead *g* (unless I go to another city, as the other option also only shows it on Friday, but I think I can stand the wait)
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Yesterday I walked 16 kilometres, and took some photos )
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Well, regarding last week's train checkout thing, turns out that the online system can take up to 24 hours to catch up.

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After a pleasant day out in Leiden (exhibition on Merovingian archeological finds in the Netherlands, and wandering about in the nice sunshine) the journey back was frustrating: first we had to go back via The Hague because of a problem on the direct rain route.
Then, because I had also had a problem last Wednesday with checking out (the system at the station said: you're checked out, but when I looked at my online data, I apparently hadn't), I looked at the online travel data, and apparently I only checked in this morning, and nothing beyond that, so they'd taken off the 10 euro deposit (which is actually more or less the cost of my journey today). The odd thing is that I was checked twice on the train and checked out on each leg of my journey, including confirmation on the system. I put in a claim for my deposit with information on the actual travel movements. It'll probably end with a new travelcard *g*

Putting in the claim was a frustrating - and entertaining, in its way - experience in itself, since there is no direct way to email Dutch railway customer service anymore; you can tweet at them, call (on Saturdays and during extended office hours on weekdays), or engage in a game of silly buggers with Eva, their text recognition computer. I chose the latter option, and it was like having a conversation with a Megahal (fairly old conversation simulator software, more entertaining than useful), i.e. head-desk inducing lack of comprehension. Finally, the system allowed me to use the online e-mail form to put in my claim and complaint.
I suppose I could have waited until tomorrow and called, but as far as I'm concerned, they can do the work now. I've done enough.


Jun. 14th, 2014 12:50 pm
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For all the flying ****s I don't give about football, this raised a chuckle at least:

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Yesterday's walk from Woerden to Breukelen (train station to station, as many of these walking routes are; this one actually incorporates part of one the long-distance paths in the Netherlands)...

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Today being a day off for public sector workers (Liberation Day), I went for a 17 km walk in the lovely weather. All cafes along the route were closed, so only short rest stops and we completed the walk in four hours - these facts may or may not be related *g*

(photos to follow tomorrow or later in the week)

I'm now sitting down with a nice cold Franziskaner Weissbier at home:-)
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Yesterday we went walking near Groesbeek in the east of the country, near Nijmegen, a very pretty area, though also sort of up-and-down, which made 16 kilometers a lot of work.

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(AKA "I'll stop photospamming after this one...")

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Last Sunday's walk in the forest

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The institute outing a few weeks back: the zoo in Amsterdam:

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Today being Whit Monday and thus a day off, I went to Amsterdam for the travelling Game of Thrones exhibit with a friend. We got there about five minutes after opening time, and it was a bit busy...

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The line went around the corner and back to the next block; in the end we waited for about an hour until we got in. They were letting people in in groups of about a hundred, and we had fifteen minutes inside - a good way to do it; it wasn't that large an exhibition and you still had time to look around.

Here be photos, lots of them... )

Oh, and the Iron Throne...?

Just one more photo... )

After all that, we went to the Game of Thrones live-action roleplay exhibition, aka the Inauguration Exhibition in the Nieuwe Kerk.

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Long weekend coming up...

Tuesday (April 30) is always a day off for the Queen's official birthday, and this year's she's abdicating and handing over to her son.

I wonder if it's too late to trade the House of Oranje-Nassau for the House of Telcontar?
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Today, I went to a book fair with a friend. "It'll be fun, even if you don't buy anything," she said.

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