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PSA: attempting to pierce a blister while being headbutted on the pin-wielding hand by a cat may lead to bad language and other unwanted results.
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Dear Self,

Perhaps you should reconsider having the song that is your ringtone in your most-played mp3 set. It's confusing.




Mar. 25th, 2011 05:49 pm
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As the F1 season is starting this weekend, I thought I'd check whether my TV is working. So I found a temporary table for it, connected the digital aerial and pressed various buttons. The aerial was receiving, but only the non-commercial channels, which means that the subscription isn't active.
Turns out that if the aerial is switched off for too long, it deactivates, and it had been inactive for well over a month. It does eventually reactivate when you switch it on again, and it's working now, but LOL...

In other news, I'll try to catch up with stuff here on LJ, but I can't promise I'll be able to catch up with reading the B2MEM stories everybody's been writing (I won't even attempt to catch up with commenting on all of them).
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Well, I'm back...

The engineer turned up today, did his thing and now all the right lights on my modem are on again. There will be photos of the chaos at some point in the (near) future.
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Dear universe,

I was only joking when I said before the move that it would probably take weeks for my internet to be working again.

*sigh* Okay, can't take a joke, shouldn't have joined. I know...


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I just saw on their Facebook page that Blind Guardian were in Tilburg last night, at a venue I could easily have gone to, IF I HAD ONLY KNOWN ABOUT IT.
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XKCD, get out of my head!

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The only Olympic mention I'm bothering with...

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
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Well, they could have come up with something worse, I suppose *g*

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Note to elf: shopping lists are not just for writing and leaving lying around somewhere...
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Note to elf: don't forget to retune the tv and the vcr before Sunday... You really don't want to get up at whatever time that GP is supposed to start and find yourself looking at snow (although it might be marginally more interesting than the race).

It's been a week now since they switched the channels around, and so far I haven't exactly noticed; well, beyond the entry on the to-do list, that is...
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Brought to mind again by a post to the Terragen mailing list to advertise new pictures in the official gallery: I was excited, if a bit apprehensive given the warnings about the 'difficult' interface, when the Tech Preview for Terragen 2 finally came out late last year. So I downloaded, read the FM, found the interface logical, tried the program, failed to be inspired. And now I look at the gallery and think 'yay, shiny, but I can do all that in Vue (and Bryce and Carrara if I ever find the time to learn to use them properly)'

Somehow I doubt I'll be spending the $100 for the pre-release upgrade from my v0.9 license...

In other news, I really think I need one of those 'can't brain today - I have the dumb' icons, after I first forgot to put on my glasses when I left the swimming pool and then tried to move my bike without taking the locks off...
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This morning, I looked out the window...
ooh, shinyprettypink clouds! Eos pterodactylos, no wait, that's not it, um thingie... hemi demi semi... umm... uh... carnë no wait, that's Quenya, not Greek, and it doesn't mean 'rosy' anyway; oh, nevermind...
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I've been buying Motorsport Aktuell every week for years, so recently I thought it might be a good idea to take out a subscription.

The subscription's been running for three weeks, and for the first two weeks I got nothing. Yesterday I got a copy of the Financial Times... Okay, so modern F1 has more in common with high finance than with sport these days, but still...

Anyway, they think they should be able to get this thing right next week...
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So, if the question is "O RLY?" and the answer is "Charles de Gaulle?", does one react with "You win at teh internets" or with "You lose at teh intarwebs"?
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Note to self: cycling to work on Tuesday morning, then taking train/bus in the afternoon because you have to do some shopping, then walking to work on Wednesday with the intention of cycling back in the afternoon only works if you don't forget your bike keys on Wednesday.
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Dear Mother Goose, dear Father Goose,

Really, letting your offspring sleep on the cyclepath isn't that bright a move, even if the concrete is nice and warm, and both of you are standing guard and hissing at everyone who comes near.


Someone who nearly had to scrape pressed gosling off her bike.
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Today, I got a letter addressed to the previous occupant of this apartment; not in itself a headdesk-icon-worthy occurrence, except that the letter is from the housing corporation...


Oct. 20th, 2005 11:45 am
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Is it really Thursday already? How did that happen?


Aug. 20th, 2005 10:00 am
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It's only a week to the DTM at Zandvoort; I could have sworn there was still a weekend in between O_O

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