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Okay, it's probably a sign that I'm so relaxed that even my brain has gone on holiday, but finding yourself at the supermarket checkout and your wallet at home is still no fun.

Nor is rushing home to get my money and back to the supermarket to pick up my stuff, again.
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Ugh, owners' association annual meeting tonight - I hate compulsory adulting
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Spring is coming:

Forsythia... )

And the ladies preventingsupervising making the bed...
Pic... )
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Okay, so I'd taken today off to deal with the aftermath of the heater exercise. I did in fact read the manual and adjust the settings on the heater so that we'll be able to peacefully share a house.
- "I'll set you to warm-water only ECO setting unless it's actually freezing outside, 'kay?"
- Heater: *obeys instructions*

So that's one thing I needed to do done. The other thing is making some kind of planning for the balcony (and sorting the plant pots and stuff). Instead I watched the first seven episodes of Battlestar Galactica - the original series (and yes, the icon is for the new series, but hey... close enough).

I'm calling it a day well-spent so far.
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So, today I moved from this heater )

to this one: ).


Some of the stuff that goes there is already back in the heater space/walk-in cupboard/thingy, but leaving the plant pots etc. out seems like good motivation to start working on the balcony sort of soonish *g*
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Well, the work on the heater is progressing apace; however, I am currently without water and gas. The latter I don't mind, but I'd kill for a cup of tea.

On the plus side, I'm getting some work done on an article for the Dutch Tolkien Society magazine (the regular section, not the academic journal bit), which is a translation/revision of something I wrote for a challenge on MPTT some years back. I can't quite get into fiction headspace with the noise and people walking in and out, but translating and marking for revision/checking in the Dutch translation of LotR is doable (plus the deadline is either April or June, so that helps to focus the mind as well).
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A quiet afternoon's writing and knitting


Feb. 5th, 2017 01:59 pm
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Pixel helping me put together a stole I knitted:
Read more... )

Lidy inspecting the bread I baked this morning:
Read more... )

(all except the one of Pixel wrapped in the stole taken today)
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There's a bit of snow outside and there's a weather warning for icy roads, freezing rain and black ice. Just as well I had no plans to go outside at all today:-)
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Did the one thing on my to-do list that I absolutely had to do this holiday: replace the leaking tap in the kitchen. Yay me.
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Today I played a game of Ikea-quest.

Photo... )

I think I won (as in I managed to find the exit without having to go round the shop again, and I found what I was looking for, and not too many other things)* The loot was inspected (and approved) by Lidy of course.

*new tap, fitted sheet, mugs, hand towels, LED lamp, toy house for the cats, bath mat, tea spoons, trays for my kitchen drawers
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Soda bread with dates

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Today was the Finnish Christmas market in Rotterdam. Mustard, ryebread, chocolate, fish paste (great on ryebread), Minttu.

Also, a 'Merry Christmas' banner that the cats immediately tried to steal, since they have a thing for red felt:

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So, with the clocks having changed last night, I can look ahead to a week of 'MOOOOMMM, FEED US!' from the ladies, even if they no longer eat wet food (except as a Saturday treat) after they decided they only liked the first two bites out of every single flavour in 400 gram cans.
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*blows dust off LJ again*

Between work, writing the chapter that refuses to stop, and everything else (including entering a Halloween challenge which I still have one week to write) I've been sadly neglecting this place ...

I did find the same yarn for that leaf pattern shawl (though in a slightly different palette than the original - more green/blue, fewer browns), so that project is underway.

click for pics )

And yes, final assembly will involve ironing 49 knitted leaves (or 48 if I don't have enough material for the final leaf).
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With my current project nearly done, I'm eyeing this as my next knitting project, at least if I can work out the leaves; some of the ravelry project photos look clear enough that I should be able to copy from those - and if not, I may even spring for the whole book on Amazon.
Funny, I'd willingly pay $5 or $10 for the loose pattern, but I resist the idea of buying the book - okay, part of that is because the other patterns don't grab me, or I have a similar pattern already; another reason is that I rarely make use of exact patterns for things anyway: a pattern is a reference and a starting point.
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This is a photo I took a few weeks ago of my indoor tomato plant. It's even sprawlier now.

It comes from a seed from the smaller plant next to it (just to the side of the pot, there's a red tomato - that's the parental plant). It grows in the same pattern, it does the same weird curled-up leaves thing, the tomatoes are the same size, the flowering pattern is the same. The only property that's changed? It's supposed to be a 'micro bush'. Instead it's a triffid.
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Tomorrow's the last day of my holiday (I just couldn't face starting with a five-day week *g*, and that was how my alternating schedule came up)...

I've already made my lunch sandwiches for the next few weeks, thrown two new packs of teabags in my backpack and am charging the e-reader (for on the bus).

One of the things I did during the holiday was to shift the furniture in the living room (and elsewhere) around a bit... clicks for pics )

Today's tomato harvest:click for pic )

The ladies were cheerfully minding their own business, when Lidy abruptly had other ideas Clicks for pics )

And the final set of photos clicks for pics )
The above pictures also make it clear why I refer to my phone camera as a potato...

Writing: I've left Becoming alone for a bit, and can see a way out/around the various corners I had backed myself into *g* How much writing time/energy there'll be once I'm back to work always remains to be seen, but there's always weekends.
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Yesterday I wrote about five words, which with the 700 on Friday and the 1000 on Saturday is still well above average *g* I did do a lot of thinking about the next scenes, so not a 'lost' day at all.

Some photos, to let this post be more than me whingeing about (not) writing ;-) Clicky... )

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