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Another 3D render with that castle set:

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My week off just got off to a great start, as a 3d set I'd been waiting for came out this morning. I didn't quite pay list price as I get a member discount and still had some credit on a gift card as well.
Not only are this artist's sets always excellent quality, a modular set offers so many opportunities to play with it (not to mention that, as [ profile] cairistiona7 can probably see, this plays so much into how I've been visualising things for the Heap O'Angst...)

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Between this and the bobbleheads last week, I've definitely given myself my birthday present early LOL
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This is a recent render that started out as a test playing with light settings, but ended up as a full scene. It's still a bit grainy, since I stopped the render after about eight hours. Lady of Rivendell:

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For anyone who wants to know what this looks like when working on it, here's a screenshot:

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Today's 3D doodle to test a purchase:

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Two 3D renders I did recently:

Technically this one won a prize in a competition: i.e. the originator couldn't pick and since there were only a few more entries than prizes he just let everyone win - the prize being to pick one of the 3d models in his store; very generous of him; so yeah...

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A doodle playing with black and white
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Doodling a random render to test a new purchase

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about three hours later...
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This 3D-model outfit amused me to the point that I bought it... Not that I'm necessarily interested in the not-quite-pinup style of render (though this outfit is very restrained for the 3D world *g* For a start, the neckline doesn't go to her bellybutton, and the shorts cover 95% of her bum), although they can be fun to do as well, especially if you bend the genre a bit.
But clothing for 3D characters can be refitted, so I have in mind to refit this to a male character (both parody and maybe retexture details as the basis for a serious suit).

I was also highly amused by the whole pushing the copyright boundary vibe the outfit has.

Edit: I did a quick kitbash* and the concept looks workable...
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*combining items from different sets
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Just a test render (that I stopped partway through, hence the graininess) of a 3D-purchase I indulged in; and I'm happy I got the character, she renders real nice...

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Even Bucky had to admit that life became more interesting after Tony Stark discovered guerrilla knitting...

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So, I actually finished a 3D image *g*

And no, I have no idea what's going on here, except that Cap is probably around somewhere too, and everybody is at least not carrying visible weapons...

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Sometimes I think I have too much 3D content... While looking for something else I found that I had this item sitting in my DAZ runtime...
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The second of today's prompts: Of the seas: sailor

This slightly toonish render still doesn't explain why the rum is gone, but Cirdan looks like he has a very good idea where it's gone...Read more... )
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I don't usually post this kind of thing, but here's a heads-up for downloading some nice software. Until the end of March three packages at DAZ can be downloaded free: Studio 4Pro, Hexagon, and Bryce.

Hexagon: 3D-modeller. Nice enough, and I do have it, but I'd recommend spending time in getting to grips with Blender, which is always free, but is actually undergoing development, unlike Hexagon.

Bryce: 3D-modelling and rendering package. Is imho showing its age and I've barely used it recently. I don't like the typical 'Bryce-look' of many renders, though I have also seen some absolutely stunning renders by others. I find the interface clunky and annoying (certainly when compared to Vue or even Carrara), but YMMV, and at the price, you can't go wrong *g*.

DAZ Studio Pro: for anyone looking to get into 3D rendering, or even merely wanting to look around, this is the 'must-have' of the three. I'm more used to Poser, but I do also use Studio a lot, and it has come a long way. Also, there is no arguing with the price. Careful though: rendering is a time-consuming hobby and this offer from DAZ is very much a gateway drug. Unless you are satisfied with the provided content and/or end up making your own (see 'Hexagon', 'Blender'), buying content can be an expensive hobby. There is a lot of free content to be found on the web as well, though quality of models may vary.
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I wrote these three drabbles for birthday requests at HASA this month. (Also posted at MPTT and AO3.) The artwork can be found at MPTT and [ profile] lotr_community.

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I was messing around installing the latest version of DAZ Studio, and ended up with this bit of weirdness.

Sometimes, I fear my mind. Otoh, isn't he cute?

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