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Today I went to the Limburgs Museum for the temporary Dragons exhibition. It's a nice little museum (been there before), even with an hour and a half by train to get there (so I wrote 723 words on the train - I wonder why I can always write well on trains, but it's nice even if I have no idea why *g*).

The exhibition was fun (everything from St. George to oriental dragons to Smaug - even if they misspelled him Smaugh), and well worth the visit, so yay:-)
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(Re)watched The Guns of Navarone yesterday; it's been years since I saw it first - it stood up well to the rewatch, but one thing that was noticeable (though I did not mind) is how slo-o-o-www... the movie would be to modern eyes. The explosions at the end might just pass muster though *g*
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Yesterday I went to the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden (two hours by train), mostly for the exhibition on local medieval gold finds, but also for the knitting exhibition that's on at the same time. I didn't take photos of the gold (mostly because my phone has a potato for a camera), but it's at about the same level of gorgeous as Anglo-Saxon work from the same period. The friend I was with did take photos of the knitting exhibition, and I took photos of some of the artsy stuff on the top floor of the museum.

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I had to buy this mug in the museum shop:

Also, bonus kitties!
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There was an article in today's Guardian on whether certain tv comedy classics are still funny. All I'll say to that is that as far as I'm concerned the ones that were funny then, still are now (I now also have a bookmark leading to a Youtube collection of full Young Ones episodes), and that the author's judgement says more about his taste in comedy than the quality of the programmes concerned (as does mine, of course; there are a few in the list I've not seen, but for instance I've never found Seinfeld anything other than annoying)
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Hmmmm. That exhibition on the Crimea I went to on Sunday ends at the end of the month. However, when the exhibition came here, four of the five museums the collection comes from were in Ukraine (the fifth one still is, since that's in Kiev).

There've been talks for months about how to return the collection. Russia has the position that the items were on direct loan from the museums involved. Ukraine says the items belong to the Ukrainian state and should all go back to Kiev.

So far, no agreement has been reached between the parties involved. The museum has now decided to safely keep the objects until there is an official decision (arbitration or judicial) on where they should be returned to.
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Yesterday I went to two exhibitions in Amsterdam:
Expedition Silk Road and The Crimea - Gold and secrets of the Black Sea. Both were interesting, though the Silk Road one was a bit disjointed as a result of the time/geography covered.

Today I cleaned the fridge. Let it not be said that I don't know how to entertain myself.
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The digging work on the allotment is done, I have the beginning of a plan, Pixel has claimed a new place to sleep, and longcat is long:

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In other news, the Matthäus last night was very good, although 2,5 hours in an uncomfortable folding chair wasn't so nice *g*


Jul. 25th, 2013 07:16 pm
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Today, I went to the Kroller-Muller museum, a fairly modern-oriented collection which, along with a bunch of paintings, does have some weird and wonderful exhibits in between the just plain weird.

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Today was the Elf Fantasy Fair, and though it was rainy and a bit colder than I'd have liked, it was still great fun as usual.

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Spent today being all cultural and such: first an exhibition of Dutch astronomy photos going back to 18something, followed by an exhibition of several paintings by Judith Leyster, a contemporary of Frans Hals etc.
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Today I went to Nijmegen with a friend, for an exhibition on Roman 'decadence and luxury' (focusing on the Roman villas around the Bay of Naples), quite nice it was too (the English information flyer can be found here.

Our route to the museum took us through what remains* of the historic town centre photos )
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Headbanging and playing air guitar to a Eurovision winner - must be a sign of the Apocalypse :)
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Just got back from the Finnish church bizarre.

Also bought two books.
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I went to a concert/show by the Russian Red Army choir, ballet and orchestra last night.


(And no, not just the extremely cute, and agile, lads in the ballet, though that didn't hurt the eyes at all)

Those voices!

The show (mostly traditional dancing) was very nice too, especially the sword dance (Ooh! Shiny! Pointy! Wheeee!).
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Just got back from an afternoon in Amsterdam - first a visit to the Morocco exhibition and then a leisurely wander past some bookshops...

- one Moroccan cookery book
- part three of the Watcher's Guide (Buffy season 6 and 7)
- Corsets to Camouflage, Kate Adie - a look at women in war
- What if? and More what if? - two collections of essays on what are basically historical AUs (the Greeks lose at Salamis, William doesn't win at Hastings, and a lot more...)
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The concert last night was *very* good - the program started off with one bit from the Bakshi film music, followed by (*snerk*) the Mordor National Anthem (for which the audience had to join in - with our backs to the podium, i.e. turned away from the light).
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I just got a mail from a colleague that there is a Lord of the Rings concert in Amsterdam on September 9th. The program consists of parts of the film music, something by a Leonard Rosenman (no idea what that's going to be) and Johan de Meij's Lord of the Rings symphony. Best of all, Christopher Lee (!!!) will be there as narrator.

Now, I'd happily listen to Christopher Lee reading the Auckland phonebook (or the weather forecast for Outer Mongolia, or anything, really), so I'm more than pleased that I was in time to reserve a ticket.


Aug. 1st, 2004 05:40 pm
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I went here today. Even though the exhibition should properly be called 'Greek colonists around the Black Sea's gold' I have to admit that wouldn't be as catchy. Very pretty stuff, all, and incredibly fine and detailed workmanship.

I also made the mistake of going into the centre of Amsterdam, and now have several books more than I had this morning*. Oops.

*not counting the exhibition catalogue, that is

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Apparently, a performance of The Tempest tonight in Utrecht has been cancelled because of the stormy weather...

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