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Playing with my tablet:-)

(Now also a new icon - even if it looks more like a smartphone on some kind of surface at 100x100 *g*)
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PSA: touch pads don't work if there's a cat draped over them...
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If you have Photoshop or your image editing program can use PS plugins; there are standalone versions of the effects as well: They're free, and there's some good stuff in there!
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Unfortunately, there's no easy way to embed it here, but I set up a countdown clock to the expected Dutch premiere date for Captain America: Civil War.
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Good ways to start the day: telling the Indian-accented guy who is calling from the "Microsoft technical office" to piss off and die.

I suppose I could have strung him along a bit ("But I have an Apple", "Oh, you're calling to tell me I've won the Microsoft lottery from forwarding that email?", etc.), but this was satisfying as well.
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To be fair, when it works it works fine, except that it's ridiculously sensitive to resetting the power button (which sometimes I have no other choice than to use, since one or two of the 3D programs I use can lock up the computer when they crash), leading to refusing to load upon restart. Safe mode doesn't work either, so I can either reset Win10 (leading to having to reinstall most of my software) and risk having to do it again a week from now, or reinstall 7, which I know can cope with a Belgian restart.

I so don't have time for this.
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Argh... this is a 'long' week at work, so no luxurious Friday off. Still, I'm getting non-work stuff done, like getting a new phone: landline - it's only been slowly breaking down over the last few years or so (random crashes and stuff), so I reckoned it was time. So, still not getting rid of the landline, though I probably could, but it wouldn't make a huge difference in my ISP bill, as it's VOIP, so pretty much included in the internet bill *shrug*
Also, upgrading the desktop to Win10 - clean install of the free download, so the pc's all nice and 'new' and fast:-)
I'm also slow-bingeing my way through S1 of Daredevil (two or three eps at a time rather than half a season). What I'm not getting done is writing... *sigh* - perhaps the weekend.
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I think I may have over-trained my spellchecker... I typed Celebrian (missing the accent on the i), and it offered me Celebrían's and Celebrant as options...
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Now, admittedly it isn't the same as opening a package, unwrapping a CD and putting it in your computer drive (and I go back to opening a package, unwrapping a cassette tape, plugging the cassette player into the back of my ZX Spectrum - and cursing as the plug fell out just before the game finished loading, twice) and playing, but still, there isn't really anything like eagerly pasting your install code into Steam and waiting for your game.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor arrived.

Sleep and sanity will be suspended until further notice.

Edit: although of course with a pending download time of over 7 hours, maybe I shouldn't count on playing tonight *g*
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I've been looking at Wordpress designs, and now I'm left with the urge to do something, ANYthing to my site and LJ, which suddenly look hopeless, while at the same time not liking anything I've seen enough to go for that theme or something close to it.

Also, I know that, as aesthetically pleasing the designs I've seen are, I'd be bored with them fairly quickly.

The feeling will wear off again, but ARGH.
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Between the desktop being out of commission over the week, and the week from hell in the office, I didn't really get online a lot (on the plus side, I finished some short stories with a Jan 31 deadline, so yay; and yes, will post links at some point).
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The videocard I'd ordered arrived in the shop yesterday, and I installed it this morning, luckily with not nearly as much assistance from the ladies (though I did have to point out to Lidy that the screws from the back of the computer were my toys, not hers).
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I'll try to catch up a bit, but I've no idea how successful that will be *g*
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Okay, I'd been planning to play a bit of Skyrim this weekend, and after Poser caused the computer to reboot several times, I'd had enough of that, so started Skyrim, which promptly did the same, after which the computer plain refused to go to the log-in screen in normal mode, and there were some weird patches and lines of colour on the start-up screens.

Diagnosis: dead (or at the very least mortally wounded, since it'll start in safe mode - although the computer may even use the onboard graphics for safe mode) videocard.

So I backed up my writing files in safe mode and switched off the PC. It may even start up and limp along tomorrow if I don't overtax the videocard, but even if it does, it's so unreliable that I won't risk doing anything on it.

On the plus side, I'd already posted my entry for [ profile] photo_scavenger, and the inside of the computer is clean and dust-free *g*
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Just now it offered 'Erchamion' for 'Erchirion', and 'Galion' for 'Glóin'. I think I created a monster.
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You know you've over-trained your spoolchuck when Word wants to correct Galadhrim to Falathrim...
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As I found out just now while filing some of this year's computer stuff for archiving - and being distracted - old Flash animations like the Badgers, We like the Moon and Scampi make perfect cat entertainment.

Pixel is glued to the speaker, and Lidy's trying to work out where the snake goes...
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Just an observation, but if they ever do a film-inspired remake of the old Hobbit game on the ZX-Spectrum (yes, I'm dating myself terribly here...), they'll have to change that one line* to "Thorin stands up and starts singing about gold."

*In the game (a text adventure, in case you don't know), one of the random sentences that popped up at intervals was "Thorin sits down and starts singing about gold", and yes, that included in the Goblin tunnels or the middle of Mirkwood.

And now I want to go home and play the emulated version of that...


Sep. 12th, 2012 07:24 pm
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Just how I wanted to spend my evening (and the coming weekend)... reinstalling all my software after Windows on the big machine choked to death on today's updet. (Although there don't seem to be widespread problems after a quick Google, so I suppose it's just one of those things that can happen - never had this before, though; ah well... yay for laptops at hand and good backups)
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I've been playing Diablo II for about ten years, and for the last five or so, awaiting Diablo III. Now III is finally here (and yes, the pre-purchase copy is sitting on my harddisk, and will be installed as soon as it's possible to do so on May 15), but this weekend there's an open beta, so I'm now downloading that. Of course, I won't have as much time as I might like, since I'm going to the Elf Fantasy Fair tomorrow, and Sunday I may watch the Bahrein riots Grand Prix thing...

Still, it's nice to have a go *g*
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Dear Word Spoolchuck,

Please note: neither 'Elmer' nor 'Homer' are acceptable corrections for 'Éomer'.

Thank you.
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Damp, drizzly, last night's snow melting; perfect day for back-ups:)

And I fixed a glaring error in my system of back-up disks: the 'ultimate back-up of everything' external harddisk was called Lothlórien; it should of course be called Mandos.

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