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During the kittencam meet-up, I might have accidentally wandered into one or two bookshops...

I might also have bought a new coffee mug...

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So far, I've spent the holiday doing a lot of reading, getting started on watching all seven seasons of BtVS, failing to get started on watching the Potter movies, balconying, playing with various bits of 3D software, knitting, entertaining the cats, the occasional day out, writing, and working my way through all kinds of piles that had kind of piled up (the clothing repair/make stack for a start). Not terribly exciting, but very relaxing *g*
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Extreme sports: making coffee
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Pix used to fill a lot less of this basket
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Knitting (another extreme sport with two helpful cats) a sweater for a friend's niece
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All I want is a coffeemaker that works. Is that too much to ask?
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Damp, drizzly, last night's snow melting; perfect day for back-ups:)

And I fixed a glaring error in my system of back-up disks: the 'ultimate back-up of everything' external harddisk was called Lothlórien; it should of course be called Mandos.
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Lost my first coffee of the morning: in stepping down from the desk on to my lap, Her Felinity managed to put one of her paws in my coffee mug. She stood there for about two seconds, then realised she had her paw in hot coffee, and takes the mug with her as she jumps down a bit faster...

The cat, the mug, my lap and the floor are all fine.
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Well, didn't quite meet my target for NaNo - the chapter of the AU I was hoping to finish is still not done; on the plus side, it's a lot closer to done than it was (which given how busy November was, is a bit of a shock).
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*sigh* stop November from turning into NathNotWriMo, I'm setting myself the goal of finishing the first draft of ch.23 of the AU. After all, it's only been a year since I started it*...

*the chapter, that is; the AU is in its third year.


Oct. 24th, 2009 08:34 pm
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After I installed Win7 last night, I spent bits of today installing programs and stuff. So far everything works (not really a surprise, since I already had the Release Candidate running on the laptop); the tablet needed a new driver (haven't yet tried the scanner), and I haven't yet installed Diablo (but I already know it should work, as it runs on the laptop).

This has been by far the easiest install I've done, and a major plus: hardly anything required a reboot after installation.

Minor minus: the animated 'you have new mail' icon in TheBat no longer works, though it does show in the taskbar hover (absolutely love the new taskbar, by the way).
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Remember the thermos with the alarming reflection?

It's broken.
And my coffee's in there...
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Urgh... Getting home at 01:30 a.m.* does nothing for my ability to stay awake during the day. On the plus side, I didn't fall asleep in the swimming pool.

I'm definitely leaving sorting out the aftermath of my computer's odd printer-induced crash until tonight. At least I could use it this morning with the mouse from the laptop, so it's not a hardware problem. I suspect I may have to install the mouse drivers again.

Edit: well, whatever it was, did clear up after I reinstalled the mouse drivers *sigh*

*[ profile] smtfhw and [ profile] pinkdormouse are dangerous people...
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Okay, so I failed to collapse yesterday after being woken up way too early by the damncat. Yesterday was a bank holiday, I would have had time for an afternoon nap. Today I'm at work and have to fight to stay awake (could be the Framemaker Equation Editor to blame of course...)
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the good news: I seem to be getting my email again without interruptions
the bad news: it's not even 04:30 yet (AM, that is)

and... the confusing: one of the mails was this month's invoice from my ISP: they are charging me the grand sum of € 0,00. There are times when I suspect they really don't have a clue what they're doing...
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I woke up early this morning and when I opened the blinds there was a perfect starry sky (or at least as good as it gets in an urban area) out there; so I fed Her Felinity, made a cup of coffee and drank it on the balcony while watching the stars... once my eyes had adapted fully I could even make out the Milky Way:)

It would be really nice if the new computer gets here today, because I'd quite like to have next week, which I had already taken off (not because of the computer incidentally, but because I can), to set it up etc. It'll probably arrive next Friday... and I'll have time to think of a suitable name for it.

ETA after phonecall: new toy will arrive next eek, due to delayed parts... Ah well, it's not like I don't have plenty of other stuff to do as well...
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Got home late from Zandvoort last night, have therefore taken the morning off.
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I wonder if I'm going to be able to wake up today?
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I'd better go feed the cat, pour some more coffee and move to the tv...

Gacked from [ profile] carida_46

You Are Mud Pie

You're the perfect combo of flavor and depth
Those who like you give into their impulses
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Grumble, mutter, whinge - I thought the GP started at seven...
Well, at least the cat is happy about getting fed early.
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Early start today to get to Zandvoort for the final meeting of the year - weather is set to be sunny, but not all that warm.

I left the computer rendering overnight and this is the result: ... )

And now I'd better go feed Her Felinity, before she becomes any more insistent about wanting food.

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