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Spring is coming:

Forsythia... )

And the ladies preventingsupervising making the bed...
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A quiet afternoon's writing and knitting

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This weekend's bit of snow
Here be pics... )

Writing the lazy way
Here be pix... )

And finally, in another week or so, I'll have the sun again on this side of the house. It's nearly there at sunset:


Feb. 5th, 2017 01:59 pm
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Pixel helping me put together a stole I knitted:
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Lidy inspecting the bread I baked this morning:
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(all except the one of Pixel wrapped in the stole taken today)
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PSA: touch pads don't work if there's a cat draped over them...
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Where would I be without my lovely assistants...

Pixel didn't want to share attention with my knitting

while Lidy takes her duties as writing supervisor very seriously

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Further PSA: defrosting blocks of fish soup will eventually start to smell like fish. This is the point that cats start taking notice.
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Dear cats,

Yes, it is Saturday and thus gooshy-food day, but the fact that it is getting dark already at 15:00 (although it never got really light) doesn't mean that it's your dinnertime...


Your can opener...
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Lidy starting a yawn

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I was held captive by the ladies this morning (Pixel was on my lap; and still is...) - but I had coffee within reach so I survived.

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So, with the clocks having changed last night, I can look ahead to a week of 'MOOOOMMM, FEED US!' from the ladies, even if they no longer eat wet food (except as a Saturday treat) after they decided they only liked the first two bites out of every single flavour in 400 gram cans.
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Tomorrow's the last day of my holiday (I just couldn't face starting with a five-day week *g*, and that was how my alternating schedule came up)...

I've already made my lunch sandwiches for the next few weeks, thrown two new packs of teabags in my backpack and am charging the e-reader (for on the bus).

One of the things I did during the holiday was to shift the furniture in the living room (and elsewhere) around a bit... clicks for pics )

Today's tomato harvest:click for pic )

The ladies were cheerfully minding their own business, when Lidy abruptly had other ideas Clicks for pics )

And the final set of photos clicks for pics )
The above pictures also make it clear why I refer to my phone camera as a potato...

Writing: I've left Becoming alone for a bit, and can see a way out/around the various corners I had backed myself into *g* How much writing time/energy there'll be once I'm back to work always remains to be seen, but there's always weekends.
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Yesterday I wrote about five words, which with the 700 on Friday and the 1000 on Saturday is still well above average *g* I did do a lot of thinking about the next scenes, so not a 'lost' day at all.

Some photos, to let this post be more than me whingeing about (not) writing ;-) Clicky... )
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In anticipation of tomorrow's heatwave (although parts of the country already broke 30° C today), I've dusted off my personal heat protocol: the cats are lying on the floor as close to the ventilator as they can stand (which in Pixel's case is almost in the thing), and I'm getting acquainted with some nice cold New Zealand rosé.
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And yes, this round goes to the ladies....


Jul. 10th, 2016 01:04 pm
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Occupy Bed action day... Read more... )
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Tiny catloaf is tiny

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I don't think the bed is getting made today...

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And in a few minutes I'll be off for the Unquendor annual weekend. Fun will be had. There is wifi at the hotel, but I probably won't have time for more than brief peeks.

The ladies supervised the packing:
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