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Okay, so I found a livestream for the Australian GP (as I still have a tv, but ditched the cable subscription some years ago), decided to give it a try and tuned in for the start: I totally didn't even recognise the names for at least half of the grid. Meh, whatever...

*wanders off to feed the cats*
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This weekend I went to see an exhibition in a car museum, only to find these. I will happily ignore what it says on the sign; as far as I'm concerned, yes, the internal combustion engine did reach Aman, and this is what the Teleri are driving (or rather, they were until Fëanor took them for a joyride...)
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Yay, Vettel!


May. 27th, 2012 09:24 pm
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Well, that was a proper bonsai* move from Takuma...

*as in "I've seen more intelligent last lap maneuvers from small trees"
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*sigh* I really hope it stops raining before I have to head off to Zandvoort for the Masters. Otoh, a wet race might be entertaining...

Edit upon returning: Well, it wasn't wet, and it was mildly entertaining, once the trains were willing to cooperate in getting me there.
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My best photo of the weekend:

Bit of nature:
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Well, with no Dutch tv channel (or even Eurosport) showing the Indy 500, it's just as well I can watch the livestream online *g*

Looking at the grid, I must say that I still don't believe in Bertrand Baguette, though.
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And that was the F1 championship... Well, whatever.

(Well done on the win for Webber, though)
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So Mark Webber wins his first Grand Prix. About bloody time, I'd say. Oh, and of course well done *g*
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Historics at Zandvoort today. I have a lot more photos, which I still need to sort, but this was absolutely the car of the meeting:

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The Brazilian GP: WTF?!
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Today's A1 powerboat race at Zandvoort:

At least after today I know what the Malaysian anthem sounds like *g*
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and one more photo:

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A long and entertaining day, with the inevitable wildlife photo:

And an lj-cut )
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Watching the Belgian Grand Prix, knitting a sweater and writing... either I don't have enough arms and eyes or I'm overdoing this multitasking thing...
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Got back yesterday evening from Belgium. The cat ignored me for most of the evening, then velcroed herself to me just as I wandered off to bed.

Today went on the first load of laundry, grocery shopping, unpacking, going to Mediamarkt to get a new keyboard - same as the old one, except all keys actually work :-) I wandered around the Mediamarkt a bit, but came out with nothing that wasn't on my list (the fact that I still have to go to Ikea before the end of the holiday may have something to do with that), and the rest of the day went on aimlessly flolloping about.

I'll try to get some of the photos of the weekend up tomorrow or Wednesday; I might be organised enough by then.
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No photos from yesterday at Zandvoort that are interesting enough to post, though the meeting itself was fun. The weather was better than Saturday, and the races entertaining; I haven't yet seen attendance figures, but there were a lot of empty seats in the grandstand, so no more than about 40.000 I expect...

Leaving the track at a quarter past two in the afternoon (around the time the race would have started with a normal timetable) was odd to say the least.
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Okay, I get that today's DTM qualifying started at a quarter to six this afternoon to not have the tv broadcast compete with today's stage of the Tour de France. I also get the race starting at one pm tomorrow for the same reason. But was it really necessary to include powerboats in the programme?

Oh, and "Champagne. You're doing it right."

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So, Tom Kristensen won Le Mans.

In other unexpected news, the sun rose this morning, grass is green and water is wet.
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So, this weekend's the 60th anniversary meeting at Zandvoort. You'd think they'd put in some effort...

Well, the Sunday programme is almost completely the regular Z'voort meeting, with I believe one historic race stuck in. The historics are all on Saturday, and while they will no doubt be entertaining enough, the meeting lacks appeal. I will actually go, but only on Saturday afternoon.

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