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Thanks to Amazon's 'you bought this, maybe you're interested in this' algorithm I ended up buying these two on Amazon Germany (instead of what I was looking for) for about half what they'd have cost me on .us or (and that's before adding p&p).

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This 3D-model outfit amused me to the point that I bought it... Not that I'm necessarily interested in the not-quite-pinup style of render (though this outfit is very restrained for the 3D world *g* For a start, the neckline doesn't go to her bellybutton, and the shorts cover 95% of her bum), although they can be fun to do as well, especially if you bend the genre a bit.
But clothing for 3D characters can be refitted, so I have in mind to refit this to a male character (both parody and maybe retexture details as the basis for a serious suit).

I was also highly amused by the whole pushing the copyright boundary vibe the outfit has.

Edit: I did a quick kitbash* and the concept looks workable...
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*combining items from different sets
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Working at home, lunchbreak. Found this: The Ballad of Captain America's Disapproving Face.
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"Steve, who is that? He seems awfully friendly with Fyrdra..."

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I suppose I could quibble about the relentless pacing, and that I wouldn't have minded a few (more) quieter moments - and that I wouldn't have minded either if those had come at the expense of cutting some of Spiderman, but that's just a personal 'meh, whatever' to the character. None of that matters though, because in the end, your heart WILL be broken.

I will see it again.
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My final expectationsprediction before Civil War

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With three days to go until Civil War, I'll be avoiding tumblr and Facebook until Thursday morning.

Now, what shall I do with all that extra time...?

*goes back to writing*
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I do apparently have some restraint. The local cinema is doing two showings of Civil War the 28th midnight: the one I have a ticket for and a five movie marathon (Captain America 1,2,3 & Avengers 1,2). Tempting as switching over to the latter is, especially as I didn't see First Avenger and Winter Soldier in the cinema, it's 14 hours in the cinema, and on the smaller of their screens.

If it had been just the Captain America movies, I'd have changed my booking. Now I'll do my own four movie marathon this weekend in preparation, and feel kinda vaguely virtuous about it *g*

And of course, if I dither long enough (say another hour from now), the marathon will be sold out, and I can relax about it...
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April 28, 00:00 - CA:CW, the seat in the cinema that I've been booking for midnight premieres since Fellowship...

Shit just got real.

I'm not ready for this.
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In other news, the bobbles have arrived: Team Cap, and Bucky's Kitten...

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Unfortunately, there's no easy way to embed it here, but I set up a countdown clock to the expected Dutch premiere date for Captain America: Civil War.
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On Youtube:

I still need to watch it a few hundred more times, but my reactions so far can be summarised as: fkw340j8f4i3jfiBUCKY#(#(JFJDLWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Playing around with DAZ Studio - the result may need a few more weapons and a bit more stubble, but otherwise I'm happy with it:)

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Sep. 13th, 2015 06:42 am
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<-- New icon, in preparation for Captain America: Civil War (and for current use as well *g*)
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Agent Carter is here!

She topples very quickly so I'll have to work out how to support her *g*
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I've given in to the lure of the bobblehead, and ordered Agent Carter...

I have no doubt that others will follow.
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Amazon recommends this to me:
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