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To ride Hell's Chasm by Janny Wurts - the one-star reviews on Amazon say it all:-(

On the plus side, I paid only 3 euros for it. Worst of it is that underneath the cliches and the overblown writing it looks as if - with some very harsh editing - there might be a nice (not 'good', but 'decent') story underneath. Ah well... I'll just put it on the 'charity' pile and inflict it on some unsuspecting stranger.
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Sometimes you can't win... but I'll settle for playing even *g*

Luckily, the electrical problem turned out to be the spark for the cooker suffering from damp - I tested that corner of the kitchen before making an appointment, and everything worked.

Yesterday night I discovered that the bolt holding my central heating's expansion vat is working itself loose from the wall, so someone's coming round to see to that this afternoon. On the plus side, it'll be covered by my maintenance contract, so won't cost the earth.

Edit: and with some new bolts, the vat is once more securely attached to the wall (and it was covered by the maintenance contract).
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*looks at to-do list*

*whimpers and hides*


*makes up mind*

*runs screaming into the distance*

Ahhh, much better...

I have about half of next week off on overtime*, so I think I have a chance of getting some of the stuff on the list done, but argh... And the muse wants a word or two (thousand) also... Ah well, it's better than being bored.

*which is of course also why the list is so long...
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In between working on proofing someone's thesis (paid job, yay) and all kinds of domestic stuff, I'm sure there was a weekend in there somewhere, but I have absolutely no idea where it went except for some small bits of writing.
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When you arrive at the swimming pool at seven a.m., and the guy opening the doors doesn't open the big central door, but sticks his head out through a side door, you already know you're not going to get your swim... "Sorry, there's no poolside staff available. We can't open until they are here."
Okay, I get their point, and I was willing to promise not to sue them if I drowned, but *sigh*
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Left a Vue render running overnight. This morning it crashed at 100%, as it couldn't find the directory it was supposed to save to. I set the render to run again in a smaller version, and did other stuff in the meantime (no, not the laundry or the vacuuming *g*). Now I don't like the result :-\
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I should probably get organised at some point today... This could well be an over-ambitious target.

I'll go make some tea now.
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Rain. Blah...

Lots of it, too.
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Anyway, with first the bad access on LJ and the maintenance this morning, I've definitely been productive enough.

This morning I realised that I've written close to 3000 words of AU this week. I'm also without secondary bunnies that I currently want to write; and no, that's not an invitation to start chucking nuzgul at me... (d&rlh)

I've also rearranged the stuff on my desk so that I can put more on/in it and still have more working space than before.

I've done the DVD backups for my 3D files, the laundry is in the washing machine, I could do the vacuuming, ...
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Have decided against Zandvoort today; will now hang around and be bored instead *g*

Indy could have done with a bit less rain... I gave up well before midnight.

Edit: and I just spent at least some of my time in a useful manner, by doing some work (the price for leaving early a few times last eek) and climbing up a ladder and spreading some more paint in the shower
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I look at the Zandvoort programme for Monday, and all I can think is 'blah'.

There's a Formula Renault race at 10:25, followed by nothing of interest until 15:20 (Formula Ford) and the second Renault race after that.

I'll probably go; I do have a season ticket after all, but they're not doing much to make it worth the effort...
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Choices: feed the cat or enjoy the sun on the balcony?
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Hope this isn't the way the week is going to continue: flat rear tyre on my bike this morning. Had to walk to the pool.
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Still haven't done any of the stuff on my to-do list for the weekend...

According to Wikipedia, on this day: clicky... )
Also, I'd like to wish the current shape of Mount St. Helens a happy 27th birthday.
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Woke up at 3.30...

*hates cyclic sleeping pattern*
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Remember: if the world didn't suck, we'd fall off...
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I suppose I could watch the Eurovision Song thing, but I'm not feeling masochistic enough.

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*shudder* still 11,5 weeks until the misery is over, and already many parts of the content of the damn country that aren't oranges or carrots are starting to be turned orange...

stupid cold

Feb. 2nd, 2006 02:25 pm
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*glares at cold*

It'd be nice if I could stop coughing out my lungs...

*glares at lungs*

stupid lungs

Note to self: take one glass of salmiakki vodka before going to sleep tonight.
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Well, I would have posted if it wasn't for LJ being down, so here's my brilliant, witty and cutting comment for today:

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