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Er... let's hope they're not struck by lightning. Otoh, at least that would be a clear answer...

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Some days I despair for humanity...
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This morning in the pool my colleague remarked that at the train station on Saturday and Sunday there had been all kinds of people dressed up as elves and things and other things... So I went kind of like "umm, yeah... odd that..." until I could no longer keep a straight face and told her I was one of these strange people. I don't think she was too surprised.

And from the BBC site: first they found Hobbits, now they've discovered kryptonite... Whatever next? An intact dragon skeleton? A crashed X-wing on the ocean floor? A plain gold ring embedded in volcanic rock? ...?
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I want my money back!
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Tastes like chicken?
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Here's a Darwin nomination...
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Undead duck?

Hail Zeus!

Jan. 21st, 2007 10:37 am
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Gimme some of that ole-time religion!!!
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And the comedy continues...
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I couldn't agree more with the person who wrote the below on Have your say on the BBC website:
Vials are a threat to public safety & national security.
How can the police keep an eye out for wanted villains when such can work about in public concealed by a vial? Remember John Simpson went into Afghanistan dressed in a burqas vial. Wearing of vials should be banned except in the privacy of the user’s home.
Wearing vials is socially repugnant, isolative, erodes good public manners & the British way of live that the wearer by being in this country should respect & support or leave.

He is of course absolutely right. The wearing of vials is totally jarring and must be stoppered NOW!

small edit for additional pun
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It's pretty quiet at work people-wise, so I have on; while they have a habit of playing Immigrant Song (try to think of Viking Kittens and keep a straight face:) ), they also tend to play London Calling by the Clash, which hasn't been the same either since I read this story on the BBC site.

I'm currently repressing an urge to go look for 'dangerous' lyrics in not-too-obvious songs:)
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again from the bbc....

I don't think I even want to know why...
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I don't see a problem here... If he turns up to vote, rearrest him and continue with the trial...
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Some more Chinglish from the BBC site: )
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Aw, they're taking the fun out of the whole thing...
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Eight times humans came to try to live in Britain and on at least seven occasions they failed ...

So, er, they're not quite sure about the eighthththth attempt?
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Let the speculation begin...
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Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...

The real question now is of course how to get that %*#()%& song out of my head again!

Edit: Well, I was going to do the music meme from [ profile] figgylicious, but I just accidentally closed my update window about halfway through the post, so never mind...

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