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Spring is coming:

Forsythia... )

And the ladies preventingsupervising making the bed...
Pic... )
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Okay, so I'd taken today off to deal with the aftermath of the heater exercise. I did in fact read the manual and adjust the settings on the heater so that we'll be able to peacefully share a house.
- "I'll set you to warm-water only ECO setting unless it's actually freezing outside, 'kay?"
- Heater: *obeys instructions*

So that's one thing I needed to do done. The other thing is making some kind of planning for the balcony (and sorting the plant pots and stuff). Instead I watched the first seven episodes of Battlestar Galactica - the original series (and yes, the icon is for the new series, but hey... close enough).

I'm calling it a day well-spent so far.
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So, today I moved from this heater )

to this one: ).


Some of the stuff that goes there is already back in the heater space/walk-in cupboard/thingy, but leaving the plant pots etc. out seems like good motivation to start working on the balcony sort of soonish *g*
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This is a photo I took a few weeks ago of my indoor tomato plant. It's even sprawlier now.

It comes from a seed from the smaller plant next to it (just to the side of the pot, there's a red tomato - that's the parental plant). It grows in the same pattern, it does the same weird curled-up leaves thing, the tomatoes are the same size, the flowering pattern is the same. The only property that's changed? It's supposed to be a 'micro bush'. Instead it's a triffid.
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Yesterday I wrote about five words, which with the 700 on Friday and the 1000 on Saturday is still well above average *g* I did do a lot of thinking about the next scenes, so not a 'lost' day at all.

Some photos, to let this post be more than me whingeing about (not) writing ;-) Clicky... )
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Stuff that's going on on the balcony:

Here be pics )
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About halfway through a long weekend; Ascension day is an official holiday, but Thursday would have been a day off for me anyway this year, since I also get Liberation day off; yesterday the office was closed, so yay:-)

The weather's very nice, around 20-25° Celsius and sunny. Thursday I moved the tomato seedlings into their home soil for the summer; I've got three or four varieties this year, so it's going to be fun to see which ones work and which ones don't. Also planted some field peas, and the winter's been so mild that last year's chard survived. The strawberry seeds I planted last spring have also come up, so even if it's a bit of a scale-down from the allotment, I'll still be gardeningbalconying this year. I think I still have some lettuce seed as well, but I'm out of soil, so that'll have to wait.

Otherwise it's just lazing about, doing a bit of writing, reading, working through the to-do list. I've finished translating my presentation on Tuor from February to English for the Unquendor magazine international/academic section (still have to go through it one last time to check the lay-out).

Managed to get twenty minutes into watching A Beautiful Mind before concluding that I hated every single character in it, and would rather fold the laundry than finish it. So that dvd goes back to the freecycle shelf whence it came.

I may go see Civil War again tomorrow.

some balcony photos )
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Taken today:

Here be photos... )
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One day done of the weekend, and fairly productively too in various ways, i.e. I managed everything on my list, even if some of them were on the technicality of switching them with something on tomorrow's list.

I'm hoping to finish a silk top that I'm sewing by hand this weekend; I'm trying to get some time in practicing drawing and 3d modelling (rather than just rendering); I've started translating my presentation on Tuor to English so that it can be published in the Unquendor magazine international/academic section; I want to finish watching Daredevil S2, and a bunch of other things great and small.

I've already moved the plants that had wintered inside, along with the garden chairs and one of the greenhouses outside earlier this week; tomato seeds are sown (inside). The forsythia is only just starting to show signs of life; last year it was already in full bloom weeks sooner.

Of course I hope to get writing done as well. It's on the list!
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It's only been four years or so, but my New-Zealand lilies are finally catching on to the flowering thing...

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Okay, they were movies rather than seasons, but still...

Easter being a four-day weekend, I had a very nice little to-do list, which also included a relaxed Captain America - Avengers - Winter Soldier rewatch to prepare for Age of Ultron*. Three movies, four days; no problem, right? So, erm, I watched them all in one sitting on Friday night... (and why do I seem to have acquired another fandom? That wasn't in the plan!)

*which comes out April 22 here according to IMDB :-)

The really frightening thing is that I still got through the to-do list (probably because I had all the movie-watching out of the way already), so the allotment has been dug over, the screen door guide rail is screwed tightly to the wall again (though the ladies like the drill only marginally better than the vacuum, and drilling leads to vacuuming...), I posted a story from last month to AO3 and MPTT, did a bit of writing, etc.

What I failed to do was to keep up with LJ, or most anything online really. So if I missed any birthdays, Happy Birthday! (and apologies *g*)

The forsythia has turned into its usual explosion of yellow, though if you look up close it has a bit of damage from last week's storms and torrential rain just as it was starting to open up.

pics )

And now the burning question is, can I bring myself to rewatch Winter Soldier again tonight... ?
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The forsythia is about to burst into bloom (photo taken yesterday):

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The year in the allotment is nearing its end.
Allotment and stuff )
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Well, Audrey and her friends on the balcony will be harvested this week; the tomatoes are still green, but the weather's been so atrocious that they're starting to rot on the plant - at least, unlike the communal plot on the allotment it isn't phytophtera, but they're still done for.

Chutney it is, then (which is still a lot better than nothing:-) )
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This week Lidy was very helpful when I was cutting fabric.

click for pics )

This morning the ladies helped me with the laundry, and while it's not unusual for Lidy to burrow under the laundry pile, today saw a new development, first with Pixel lying down next to her on top of the pile, followed by them exchanging places some time later (and yes, there is a cat underneath the sheet both times...)

click for pics )

Also, I think I need a bigger greenhouse...

Meet Audrey II )
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After a fairly dismal week of rain last week, this weekend was sunny, and it looks like it will be at least until Wednesday (so I'll be watering the allotment every evening)Here be photos )

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