Mar. 9th, 2016 05:53 am
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Words written this month: about 4000
Words written for any B2MeM prompt: 0

As this is still about 3500 words more than I've written last month, it's still a win.
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Downloaded all the bingo cards, have an online bingo nr. generator and an Excel sheet to list my daily prompts. The only thing I have in mind is drabbles, but no theme or anything. So I'll see how this goes...
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Okay, this week:
Words written: about 100.
Words edited to within an inch of their life: all.
Prompts: still zero, and falling behind ever further on reading, or even looking at which stories to read.
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B2MeM so far: 2 comments, 0 prompts bought/written.

Other writing: 7350 words, including one completed story.

I must remember to get some prompts, but all in all still very much win:-)
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Okay, so...

B2MeM so far: 0 prompts bought/written

Other writing: close to 5000 words on various stories within a week or so.

I'm calling this a win.

I may still get some prompts though. For later.
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Okay, so...

I'm proceeding apace with reposting the Dark AU at both MPTT and AO3, new chapters are coming along as well (not nearly as fast as the reposting, but I should have several chapters ready once I get caught up); I'm working on chapters for both Excess of Weather and Becoming (probably the final chapter, unless it becomes long enough to split, with a possible epilogue), and I've just started on a new big angsty AU, which is complicated enough that I won't post it until it's done, thanks to some judicious bunny-flinging (waves at [livejournal.com profile] cairistiona7, who's also kind enough to beta the monster heap o'angst...)

So, even if I'd fail to write a single B2MeM entry, this looks to be a good writing month *g*
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So the final B2MEM story that I was going to write was going to be a drabble series. The first drabble is currently 692 words long.

I think I need to rethink this thing...
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B8: Arrow (not called)

Arathorn took an arrow to the eye
Not something you want to try
It stings when you do it
He said, I have to admit
A most unpleasant way to die
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Unnamed quadrabble for:
O64: Talents and Skills: Baking
G59: Textures: Pebbled
N39: Relationship: Interracial marriage
Also used for the March Nuzgûl of the Month at HASA ("Death: Write a story where Arwen discusses the thought of dying with one other person")

Characters: Arwen, Elladan, ElrohirRead more... )


Apr. 2nd, 2012 05:38 pm
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Why, if it's April, am I still sitting here knee deep in notes and books, trying to research a bunch of B2MEM prompts for a story?

Meanwhile, on the balcony,Read more... )
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8235 words written
76 finished prompts
42 finished stories
31 days
21 prompts in progress
21 unclaimed prompts
9 renders
5 prompts in one story
2 existing stories to be revised
1 extra prompt written
0 bingo
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Since N34 wasn't called, but I did have a limerick for it, here's an extra cause of death

There was an old Steward of Gondor
Who’d had enough of the Ringwar
He said, upon lighting his pyre
One thing must be said for fire
You’re guaranteed well done... for
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He woke up beside a strange, yet familiar presence. One moment of disorientation, and then… Not a dream.

For fear of waking her, he dared not stir; instead, like a man thirsting, he drank in the sight of her. Her hair fell over her shoulder like heavy silk; the moonlight brushed lightly over her half-upturned face; her lashes were pools of ink.

Yet, fair as this sight of her was, it only suggested her keen glance, the sweetness of her smile, her wisdom, and her quicksilver wit. Dare I wake her? he wondered as he drifted off to sleep again.
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Prompt G59: cause of death: falling

Ancalagon the Black was cast from the sky
No need to wonder why
Eärendil explained afterward
It’s all above board
These dragons leave me no room to fly
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Well, I survived yesterday's conference, but am still knackered. I've got today off, so the day will be spent pottering about the house and attempting to catch up with mail and B2MEM prompts.
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B9: smells: fish
O62: textures: glassy
B13: talents and skills: sailing & smells: petrichor

Characters: Galadriel.
Set late in the Second Age

There's a feeling I get when I look to the west,
And my spirit is crying for leaving.

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven

It’s a rare day when the ocean is this quiet, its glassy surface almost as smooth and still as a mirror.

I walk up to the line of the tide, and wiggle my toes in the sand, enjoying the feeling of the sluggish waters washing over my feet. We dwelt near Nenuial at the beginning of this Age of the World, and it has been that long since I saw a body of water even that large. Yet compared to Belegaer, any lake is a mere puddle.

I remember – I cannot help remembering – sitting on the quai at Alqualondë, the foam-topped waves gleaming softly in the harbour’s lights. I remember going sailing with my Telerin kin, and the smell – and the taste! – of fish frying over an open fire on the beach after.

Resolutely, I turn my back on the sea, and walk back towards the green hills, the gentle smell of rain on the dusty earth a balm to the heart.
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N36: cause of death: head injury

Fingon, High King of the Noldor,
Faced a Balrog much bolder
His head cloven in twain
He was thoroughly slain
And would grow no older
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*sigh* It would probably help if I didn't end up dismissing started stories, and taking the prompts in different directions about halfway through.

Unnamed drabble for
B9: Rangers of the North: Eriador
B9: Weapons and warfare: cavalry
O64: Rangers of the North: protectors
O62: Rangers of the North: Arador

“My company need horses,” yet another captain had argued that morning before the Council. And yet again, the answer had been ‘no.’

If wishes were horses, we’d all ride, Arador thought. During the Fell Winter, the Dúnedain had eaten most of their horses, and stocks only recovered slowly. Foals needed time to grow and be trained. It would be another ten years at least before the Rangers would have any cavalry worth the name again to support them in their duty as protectors of Eriador.

Still, Arador considered, perhaps he shouldn’t have dismissed the captain with a snapped “Then walk!”.
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Limerick time...

O62: starvation

A fat hobbit from Overhill
once used to eat his fill
In the Lockholes he was found
No longer very round
Starvation wasn't such a thrill
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This turned out a bit darker than I intended...

For the prompts
B1: Economy: agriculture
B14: Relationship: fear of commitment
N38: Economy: travelling merchants
N38: Relationship: seduction

Characters: OCs
Pairings: not really, unless you count an attempted assault
Warnings: attempted assault
Country boys are easy )

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