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Today's haul from the allotment: squash, tomatoes, peppers, two types of beans, collard greens, and chard

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Cool things I learned today: the courgette from the allotment I was cutting up for tonight's dinner had very orange flesh around the seeds, so I started wondering whether courgettes and (other) squashes cross-pollinate; turns out they do. I should probably save some seeds and see what happens next year (even if I'd have to plant them on the balcony in a planter, since this is the last season of the allotment project).
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I think I finished the courgette level of the allotment game... The last bags of last year's courgettes and the first two of this year I harvested this morning have all been turned into four courgette quiches.

Of course, the next level is probably squashes... and the first ones are on the plants, though still small.

Game. On.
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So far, it's not really been a good year for the allotment - half my beds didn't come up, and everything else has been slow; not surprising, given that it has mostly been too dry and too cold; not good growing weather). Even the courgettes are slow to get off the mark... The squashes are growing well at least (or the plants are - and making a bid for world domination while they're at it), as are the beans and the chard (although even those are slow). Ah well, can't have a good year every time.

In the meantime, I'm finally making chutney with last year's unripe tomatoes and some of the leftover courgettes from the freezer...
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Mini-heatwave coming up after tomorrow, so the allotment is getting watered every morning until Sunday...
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Huh, figures...

I went to water the allotment this afternoon, so now it's raining.
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Slowly getting ready for the allotment season *g* Sowed a bunch of seeds and put them in the greenhouses on the balcony for now.

And there's still some of last year's courgette in the freezer...

(also: testing the related entries feature)
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The year in the allotment is nearing its end.
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I've always wondered when one would have reason to use the poo emoji th on smartphones. Now, thanks to a recent delivery to the allotments, I know...


About six wheelbarrows of the above pile of horse manure found their way to my plot (split over two vacant bits to mature a bit more over the winter):

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A pepper from the plot next to mine:


"Take a few, but be careful, they're hot," we were told...

Edit/add: I had one in today's dinner (leeks, pasta, cheese), and survived. They're hot, but not too bad. I wouldn't put in two, though *g*
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Half of the leeks and most of the beans are going to a friend who's been helping with weeding and stuff. The rest of the leeks will be quiche.

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It's still summer (though you wouldn't know it by the weather right now), but it's very noticeable that the year is edging towards autumn. With my windows on the north-west, the sun's been going away for two months for a start :-)

Various plants both on the balcony and in the allotment are done for the year or nearly so. There's still the occasional strawberry, but it's no longer a handful several times a week, some of the beans are finished (and since they're the varieties that are proving most sensitive to rust, exactly in time, too), the courgettes are still going strong, but are starting to suffer mildew on their leaves..

The tomato plants on the allotment provided part of this morning's breakfast: very nice, sweet-tart cherry tomatoes. Audrey and her sisters on the balcony need MOAR SUN! (though at least if nothing ripens there, there's enough for chutney).

Next weekend's cooking will definitely involve leeks:

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Overview of the whole area (my plot is in the middle, somewhere behind the sunflowers):

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We're having a mini heatwave at the moment, so I started today's work on the allotment at 08:00 and quit at 10:30 when the temperature got to 29° C (repeat tomorrow to get all the necessary stuff done). I watered part of the shared plot, the allotment of a neighbour who's on holiday, and my own allotment, and sowed and put nets in on about half my currently vacant beds.

Also, I took home one courgette:Read more... )
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I'll start by apologizing for falling so far behind on responses - and I could go back two weeks and respond to every post I missed/intended to reply to, but that way lieth madnessLJ ate my brilliant/witty/commiserating/admiring/etc answers to all your posts!

Only seven working days until my summer holiday:-) Unfortunately this also means all kinds of deadlines that need to be met, so work is mildly crazy, but the madness will pass.

The allotment is producing courgettes in sort of abundance, beans are starting to appear (and be harvested), leeks and celery and the tomato are quietly growing. However, the aubergines and melons failed, and anything cabbage-y has either bolted or been destroyed by the pigeons - the bastard birds ate the leaves of most of them, except the broccoli: there they picked out the flowers, and left the rest alone *glare*
So this weekend I'm restarting the cabbage beds under nets to keep the pigeons off, and apparently if you plant cabbages in summer for autumn harvest they're more bolt-resistant. We'll see:-)

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Well, that was the weekend... Where did it go?

Thursday I did some sewing in preparation for the Tolkien society weekend, as well as other, related stuff (which includes finally starting to finish that chainmail doilycoif project I started some time ago). Friday went on housework, much of Saturday on weeding, and today we had the final meeting of the organising committee for the weekend.

I also managed to get some small amount of writing done; not much in words, but finally getting a difficult scene to work.

The week ahead: two days of training, Wednesday I have to do the minutes for two meetings and Thursday's the office outing (I'll probably finish the minutes for the second meeting on the coach on Thursday morning *g*)...

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