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Phew, the text for my presentation for my Unquendor Inn next week is done, as is the accompanying powerpoint. I've started on the food shopping, I have a meal planned, and I just sent the route to my guests. I even decided on a title: 3D in Middle-earth, Middle-earth in 3D

It all seems so well prepared...
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In preparation for my Unquendor Inn next month I'm rendering a bunch of sometimes old, Middle-earth inspired 3d models. This is from a set that was state of the art in 2005. To be fair, I didn't do much optimisation or trying to pose them flatteringly, and if I mess with textures and poses and put actual expressions on them, it'd look reasonable, but deary me...

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Another 3D render with that castle set:

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My week off just got off to a great start, as a 3d set I'd been waiting for came out this morning. I didn't quite pay list price as I get a member discount and still had some credit on a gift card as well.
Not only are this artist's sets always excellent quality, a modular set offers so many opportunities to play with it (not to mention that, as [ profile] cairistiona7 can probably see, this plays so much into how I've been visualising things for the Heap O'Angst...)

Some quick renders )

Between this and the bobbleheads last week, I've definitely given myself my birthday present early LOL
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This is a recent render that started out as a test playing with light settings, but ended up as a full scene. It's still a bit grainy, since I stopped the render after about eight hours. Lady of Rivendell:

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For anyone who wants to know what this looks like when working on it, here's a screenshot:

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Today's 3D doodle to test a purchase:

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Two 3D renders I did recently:

Technically this one won a prize in a competition: i.e. the originator couldn't pick and since there were only a few more entries than prizes he just let everyone win - the prize being to pick one of the 3d models in his store; very generous of him; so yeah...

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A doodle playing with black and white
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Doodling a random render to test a new purchase

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about three hours later...
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This 3D-model outfit amused me to the point that I bought it... Not that I'm necessarily interested in the not-quite-pinup style of render (though this outfit is very restrained for the 3D world *g* For a start, the neckline doesn't go to her bellybutton, and the shorts cover 95% of her bum), although they can be fun to do as well, especially if you bend the genre a bit.
But clothing for 3D characters can be refitted, so I have in mind to refit this to a male character (both parody and maybe retexture details as the basis for a serious suit).

I was also highly amused by the whole pushing the copyright boundary vibe the outfit has.

Edit: I did a quick kitbash* and the concept looks workable...
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*combining items from different sets
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Just a test render (that I stopped partway through, hence the graininess) of a 3D-purchase I indulged in; and I'm happy I got the character, she renders real nice...

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Playing around with DAZ Studio - the result may need a few more weapons and a bit more stubble, but otherwise I'm happy with it:)

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I played around a bit more with the 3d render from earlier this week, and I think I now have the image (mostly) where I want it

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This came together between browsing tumblr and browsing some of my 3D toys: One of 28... )
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Even Bucky had to admit that life became more interesting after Tony Stark discovered guerrilla knitting...

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So, I actually finished a 3D image *g*

And no, I have no idea what's going on here, except that Cap is probably around somewhere too, and everybody is at least not carrying visible weapons...

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Sometimes I think I have too much 3D content... While looking for something else I found that I had this item sitting in my DAZ runtime...
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So far, I've spent the holiday doing a lot of reading, getting started on watching all seven seasons of BtVS, failing to get started on watching the Potter movies, balconying, playing with various bits of 3D software, knitting, entertaining the cats, the occasional day out, writing, and working my way through all kinds of piles that had kind of piled up (the clothing repair/make stack for a start). Not terribly exciting, but very relaxing *g*
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A Poser 3D doodle: Either 'the reason there were no more Entings' or (as a tongue-in-cheek illustration for my dark AU, and technically a spoiler) 'the alliance between the Rohirrim and the Ents did not always run smooth'...

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G51: Textures: painted* & Of the sea: vessels

How does she always manage to get mud all over herself and her clothes? She’s worse than her brothers were at her age.

Celebrian shook her head in mock-despair as Arwen yet again trailed muddy footsteps – and is that watercress? – into the house, her clothes a hopeless mess. She should probably speak to her about it, but then she remembered what she herself had been like at her daughter’s age, and what her mother had told her about her escapades when she was young. Still, Arwen ought to be old enough to remember to clean up before she came inside.

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Image for prompts Landscape B7: cliffs and Of the sea N33: storm

From the Silmarillion:

And when Turgon heard of this he sent again his messengers to Sirion's mouths, and besought the aid of Círdan the Shipwright. At the bidding of Turgon Círdan built seven swift ships, and they sailed out into the West; but no tidings of them came ever back to Balar, save of one, and the last. The mariners of that ship toiled long in the sea, and returning at last in despair they foundered in a great storm within sight of the coasts of Middle-earth; but one of them was saved by Ulmo from the wrath of Ossë, and the waves bore him up, and cast him ashore in Nevrast. His name was Voronwë; and he was one of those that Turgon sent forth as messengers from Gondolin.

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