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Spring is coming:

Forsythia... )

And the ladies preventingsupervising making the bed...
Pic... )
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Playing with my tablet:-)

(Now also a new icon - even if it looks more like a smartphone on some kind of surface at 100x100 *g*)
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Okay, so I'd taken today off to deal with the aftermath of the heater exercise. I did in fact read the manual and adjust the settings on the heater so that we'll be able to peacefully share a house.
- "I'll set you to warm-water only ECO setting unless it's actually freezing outside, 'kay?"
- Heater: *obeys instructions*

So that's one thing I needed to do done. The other thing is making some kind of planning for the balcony (and sorting the plant pots and stuff). Instead I watched the first seven episodes of Battlestar Galactica - the original series (and yes, the icon is for the new series, but hey... close enough).

I'm calling it a day well-spent so far.
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So, today I moved from this heater )

to this one: ).


Some of the stuff that goes there is already back in the heater space/walk-in cupboard/thingy, but leaving the plant pots etc. out seems like good motivation to start working on the balcony sort of soonish *g*
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Well, the work on the heater is progressing apace; however, I am currently without water and gas. The latter I don't mind, but I'd kill for a cup of tea.

On the plus side, I'm getting some work done on an article for the Dutch Tolkien Society magazine (the regular section, not the academic journal bit), which is a translation/revision of something I wrote for a challenge on MPTT some years back. I can't quite get into fiction headspace with the noise and people walking in and out, but translating and marking for revision/checking in the Dutch translation of LotR is doable (plus the deadline is either April or June, so that helps to focus the mind as well).
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A quiet afternoon's writing and knitting

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Harking back to last year's rant, eventually the decision was to replace all heating boilers in the complex in one fell swoop - they start Monday, and it's my turn right away. Yay.

So I've emptied out the space where the boiler lives, and scattered a bunch of stuff across several rooms. Still to do between now and Monday morning: better arrange stuff that is currently scattered across several rooms, demolish shelves in boiler space, clean boiler space, apologise to cats for mess (to be repeated as needed).
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A car song thread on Facebook led me to this familiar oldie on youtube

And a bunch of clicks later I'm here:

Which is where youtube seems to lead for me lately, no matter where I start LOL
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I do know the codes for most diacritics, but between typos and the occasional brainfade, getting there can be an interesting journey...

And, no, I have no clue where the bold font change came from.

Art meme

Feb. 18th, 2017 11:20 am
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[ profile] cairistiona7 gave me Luigi Russolo, an Italian Futurist painter (and composer).

Two of his paintings that stood out for me:

Dynamism of a Train (1912) for its umm... dynamism; the sense of movement and strength shown in the image.

Solidity of fog (1912) for the colours, and conveying the isolation of the characters in the group. Not at all a warm image, but evocative even so.

Anyone who wants one will be given an artist.
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Because faffing about online is fun... I just threw together a new Pinterest board, Castles and stuff. Most of these are the result of a recent bout of story research:-)

I guess my aesthetic is piles of (mossy) rocks *g*
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This weekend's bit of snow
Here be pics... )

Writing the lazy way
Here be pix... )

And finally, in another week or so, I'll have the sun again on this side of the house. It's nearly there at sunset:

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Happy Birthday, [ profile] ysilme


Feb. 5th, 2017 01:59 pm
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Pixel helping me put together a stole I knitted:
Read more... )

Lidy inspecting the bread I baked this morning:
Read more... )

(all except the one of Pixel wrapped in the stole taken today)
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Today's 3D doodle to test a purchase:

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PSA: touch pads don't work if there's a cat draped over them...
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Yay, just found out that there's a release date for P.C. Hodgell's next Kencyrath novel, Gates of Tagmeth. This July :-)
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Happy birthday, [ profile] ellynn_ithilwen!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] cairistiona7!

Bree talk
“It has always been so…”

“No,” I say. “Not always.”

“Hmph. Old stories, you mean? There’s no truth in them…”

I try to interrupt, but am talked over.

“Oh, I’ll grant you that there may have been a King once, but to say that he’d return, or one of his descendants, I suppose – I don’t want to see someone come back who’s been dead for centuries; we’ve got the Barrowdowns for ghosts and undead, no need to look for more of’em elsewhere. Anyway, even if there was a King once, there isn’t now, and that’s all there is to it.”

I must admit that this isn't a new drabble, but something I once wrote for a HASA forum challenge - though I'm not entirely sure I did post it, so maybe it is new... Err, anyway, have this mathom for your birthday!

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