Mar. 31st, 2017

nath: (writing II)
Yay... I've finished (except for a final readthrough and a closing sentence) the adapted article on Halbarad I was writing for the Dutch Tolkien Society - and with two days to spare before the deadline too!

Now I can go to work on the presentation for the Society 'inn' I'm hosting in May (topic: Middle-earth as represented in 3D modelling software - for a start it needs a catchier title;-) and some actual rendered images), and the article I promised for the following issue of the Society magazine.

But first: procrastination... (and possibly some fic writing - not that that ever stops; the other stuff is on top of, not instead of *g*)
nath: (3d)
This is a recent render that started out as a test playing with light settings, but ended up as a full scene. It's still a bit grainy, since I stopped the render after about eight hours. Lady of Rivendell:

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For anyone who wants to know what this looks like when working on it, here's a screenshot:

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